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  • Not everything will be outside hive. In fact, most wud probably be from inside the hive. For example, will the almighty made a very obscure thread a long time ago and upliad a ton of blood fx that isnt easy to find, but cud be really useful.
    hey there ralle, i was thinking of making a thread in map development and it would essentially be like kam's "mod compendium", but instead an "everything compendium"; basically links to resources that aren't already in the hive's resource database, and are of high quality. wat'd u think of the idea, and reckon it'd get stickied?
    This seems to be a stupid question,
    Is there a way that i can download all the models and skins in the hive?
    Well I am talking about in the World Editor and on the Hive.

    Dont want to go overboard.
    Hey Ralle.
    Do you know the limit to a Campaign File or can I go a little higher for it?

    When do you think a Warcraft IV might come out?
    It means a lot to have conformation on that, High-chancellor Ralle, lord of the rolling fields of Trist, High Seat of Cardony, watcher of the roads, thrower of the frisbee that explodes when it touches paint. (Ahead of any questions, I give titles to people who are- well for lack of another word, awesome. So none of this is a snarky over-insomethingnance)

    Thanks for the heads up, M'lord. If you wish a skin made, I'll make it exactly to your liking. If you wish a model of me, pfft I can't make a square.
    Oh, must've been a dumb question, sorry for disturbing you man, sorry..
    Well, I can't give any help now :)

    I will be focusing on my studies for 4 years straight. So If I come back, I hope "2" will be active now.
    Yeah, figured. Ok, thanks Boss-man.
    I want to ask you the following. I'm fiddling with a book flip java scrip/html code and I'm wondering is it possible to implement it directly into a thread on this site or will I have to link it to DropBox?
    Hey Boss-man, got a minute?
    Remember i said account removal forget about it don't do it i take it back i'm sorry for the :( word i was mean when i said that one but i'm berry sorry ralle but i'm not quitting THW i stay i just said that because of my managers but its solve now don't do it.

    Best regards :(=no :)=yes
    I believe those 0x0 map size fields are sometimes removed for map protection purposes.
    I thought so to but...

    Map is not protected and it is free for everyone to explore, because this is a modding community and not a competitive business.
    So either he is lying about the map not being protected or some error has occurred.

    Even if the map is protected one should still be able to read the size from the w3e file since the map node file contains and x and y field representing how many nodes in each dimension the map field is comprised of. This happens to be x+1 and y+1 since an extra node is required as the size is a measure of tiles (squares) and not nodes.
    Yes, I did. I managed to add new features and allow nice tools and better UI in the process.
    Really? It fits just perfectly with both of my screens. I could probably google for a smaller version though?
    Hey Ralle i have a prob. when i create a my own sig its too big and long so can you fix it?

    [otable][tr][titletd]Status[/titletd][titletd]Me[/titletd][titletd]Others[/titletd][titletd]Funny quote[/titletd][/tr][tr][td]NAME:Xkiller Weapon of Choice:The Devistator X5 Autocannon
    Favorite Move:The Roundhouse Kick Health:llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Motto:Death Destroyer of Worlds.[/td][tdalt]The legendary Zombie/Noob slayer (and a helper)[td][/tdalt]Looking for nicknames? look at this link!http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/pastebin.php?id=g3pvq8[/td][tdalt]
    King Orgeoas said:
    OGRES!!!:ogre_rage: Ready your bones for fighting but tonight! we shall DINE IN HELL!!!!!:ogre_rage::ogre_rage::ogre_rage:
    [/tdalt][/tr][/otable] Its not broken its just somthing wrong and can you make selectable. pls.
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