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    Quest List & Suggestions

    Well, I have been away from wc3 modding for almost a year, after I stopped, I saw this project and I liked it, a few days ago I downloaded the BETA and saw that the map is very imcomplete and worse, it will not be completed.It would be great if someone answer me(and the one that posted several...
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    A simiple spell i cant get

    Don't forget to add an unload abillity to the hero or you will crash the game.
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    Help with Shadow Strike

    The spell may be hardcored to only cause damage, so, you are setting it to heal, it may be causing the bug.The cooldown and casting time of shadow strike are related to the interval of damage, when I made a dummy spell based on it, I set it's casting time to 0.01, and it normally would damage 8...
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    Need a Simple Icon

    I am still need of it.Maybe I will need more, then I will post the requests here.
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    Need a Simple Icon

    Can anyone make a Dragonspawn Evasion icon, just like the one of the Demon Hunter, but with a dragonspawn head, use the blue dragonspawn icon, not the green or red.I want a this icon in 4 versions: passive, passive disabled, normal(BTN), and normal disabled(DISBTN). Who does will gain credit on...