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Oct 16, 2018
Nov 26, 2006



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Oct 16, 2018
    1. communist_orc
      happy 1000 th post. (in a bit) [IMG]
    2. Nbah
      I've been a furry for some time now. And recently I found this character to be awesome so I decided to use him as an avatar 0......o I was gonna join the furry social group a few months ago but since I never got around to drawing my fursona and felt shy I never joined.
    3. dead-man-walking
    4. dead-man-walking
      Yeah, i draw it by myself. I darken it so it's details would be easier to see.
    5. xXxTWiST3DxXx
      I knew that you would lock my post, as everyone else's. :<
    6. dead-man-walking
      Pyritie, i'm a contestant in the Concept Art Contest #4, and i see that photo manipulation is not allowed. What did you mean? Because i took a photo with a camera and darken it a little with MS Office Pic Manager. Does it violate the rules?

      P.S.: It's a pic intended for this contest.
    7. Vengeancekael
      Hey why is the preview image of the 3 latest maps not showing?
      link 1
      link 2
      link 3 Including my map which i just uploaded:S
    8. Squiggy
      ..ignore my pm, hawk was.. OWNAGE
    9. Narandza
      Ye, but I made a mistake... it get too sharp... go see plz
    10. Narandza
      Can you help me about my icon. Gets blurry when I upload it and when I resize it...
      I don't know what to do...
    11. Narandza
      Pyrit is (FeS2) with a small 2. I am learned that in school. And its yellow because it has S in it. =D
    12. Kl3sk
      38 internets now
    13. Icoria
      wth was it just enjoy that did that? I hate him. Well if he has the right to negrep for no reason, I sure do. I'm going to negrep him.
    14. Icoria
      Wait on my page it says I have 2 rep points, yet there are +5 or so rep points that were there. Why does it say 2?
    15. Misha
      I'm willing to search and add sound only if that would be "approve ticket" from you.
      And I'm not kiddin'. I don't want problems such as rejecting all 7 models for some tedious and boring tiny thing.
    16. Misha
      and why not leavin' it as it is? would the sound be the "definitive approve" ticket?
    17. Misha
      lol.. Rock chunks have no sound :P
    18. Zombie
      Then flaming one jew is not right, but jews in general is? I don't see why we should be friendly to people following an ideology that is based on hate (the nazis, that is).
    19. Zombie
      Der_SS is a pretty obvious sign of protest, definitely not something I call "keeping to yourself". Also, the presence of such a man can easily turn into posting pro-nazi stuff, because of what I said in the previous post. Also, keeping what private? Do you say it should be allowed for the nazis to use the Hive as base of conspiracy? No, it's in the rules that you cannot do nazi stuff, in any shape or form.

      As long user X is not called "I_LIKE_FUCKING_GAY_ANIMALS", yes. I don't see a problem in him doing the stuff he does off-site. Also, we are told to accept gay people and sodomites, but not to accept nazis, who are also people who don't accept them. Don't ask me how that is though. Btw, gay people aren't responsible for the death of 3,000,000 innocent civilians and counting.

      Flaming nazis in general is okay but flaming one nazi is not? How is that?
    20. Zombie
      I can only tell you what I told DSG. The guy didn't get those letters up to his name by accident. It does mean that he does support/represents what the nazis have done, his mere username should get him a ban. Such a person is not needed on this site.

      I didn't regret what I did, as I think it was justified. You obviously don't live in a society still feeling the grip of what nazism did (and will do), there are things you cannot forgive or forget.

      EDIT: Multi-accing? No. He should be gone permanently.
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