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Last Activity:
Oct 16, 2018
Nov 26, 2006



Pyritie was last seen:
Oct 16, 2018
    1. Billy the Cat
      Billy the Cat
      Can I have a cinnamon roll? 8D
    2. Tleno
      Pyritie, are you sure these miscelanous awards are a good idea? I mean Awards should be something serious like if person won a contest or donated to the Hive, and this your joke is... well it ruins the immportance of the awards and I'm sure people will start to doubt if we actually need awards after that, and thats wrong. Award should be recieved only from a serious reason like just beeing awesome or something making epic models.
      I understand that after endless battling of spam your brains might have transformed into cinamon roll, but you still should be serious, I mean you're most popular user at THW and modderator, you shouldn't act like this.
    3. s4nji
      What is this pie award? D:
    4. Traxamillion
      Also fix my real award before making bogue ones kthxbai
    5. Traxamillion
      not the best pie
    6. WherewolfTherewolf
      lol, well I still wanted my avatar to slightly match my name and growlith is more of a dog then a wolf so I figured Mightyena fitted best. I should probably dig up an animated one, or If i can find the frames (same place I found this one) I can animate it myself.
    7. Traxamillion
    8. Traxamillion
      Pyra fixed his judgeing
    9. DonDustin
      found 1 :D
    10. DonDustin
      I actually wanted to take Heracross, but there are no good animated avatars on the internet D:
    11. Tleno
      Pyritie, what should I do if I see a guy advertising on his signature?
      This guys does and I don't know what to do because its a sig, not a post, so altough I know how you hate that, I'm forced to ask you because you're such a beacon of light and spamkilling.
      Its just the same like with those "lockerz" advertising things so I think you should do something with this too.
    12. Zombie
      Possibly so. You might want to clarify that it can be clicked, further on.

      People fail at common sense, you have to realise.
    13. dab
      Oh shit. I thought that was just my browser. Changing it right away
    14. Zombie
      Lemme bitch some more about the ominous rainbow announcement:

      This sparked some ideas: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/members/squiggy/gamecrafter_dk/

      Apparently, the guy thought the rainbow message was some kind of sarcastic clown-bullshit, which he ignored as he thought it was some lulz message only, as this pinned thread also indicates:


      "Sarcasm is dealt out in large amounts. Don't take everything seriously. You'll live longer."


      Some people might think the rainbow message is actually sarcasm or a joke of some sort. Sure as hell seems like one. Thus, I suggest you change the coloring to plain red and switch the title to "READ BEFORE POSTING."

      Could be more effective.

      (Yes, I care because I want rep.)
    15. COMBO
      lanturn :D
    16. Eccho
      yes! also I was about to remind you about the prototype :V
    17. The Panda
      The Panda
      O, well wolf just wanted a deadline so that's why i asked.
    18. Vengeancekael
      If i would make a tutorial about cinematic types, would it be accepted? :>
    19. The Panda
      The Panda
      Hey man, i came to ask you if you can make the judging deadline till April 1 on the music contest. Wolf and me have already talked about it and he said its fine with him.
    20. Pharaoh_
      Hey, I saw you posting in Starcraft II Jass equivalent thread and I was wondering, will C language be enough to proceed with the Galaxy Editor's (GE) language? Because the lack of classes won't be good as a first experience, right? Isn't it considered a bit outdated? :)

      Nevermind, you already left an illuminating reply.
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