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Apr 4, 2020 at 9:41 PM
Nov 11, 2006

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July 1

PurgeandFire — Code Moderator

Moderator, from California

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Apr 4, 2020 at 9:41 PM
    1. Rheiko
      Hey Purge, i disabled my firewall but battle.net agent updater still won't finish..
      that sucks >.>
    2. neo_sluf
    3. neo_sluf
      which is best in an action rpg... auto-attack or attack but needs to be clicked?
    4. Almia
    5. DysfunctionaI
    6. nhocklanhox6
      Hello PurgeandFire, that tutorial have been updated ^^!.

      Please read it again and suggest me more if i do something wrong!. Thank you!
    7. DysfunctionaI
      About the tut, I fckin deleted the list of the hotkeys on my computer, I have no idea why. It really bummed me out cuz I spent a while trying to find them all. Maybe I'll do it again soon, I sort of forgot about it. Also, there's still hope of making hotkeys the same between players with a different language WC3 installed, I never tested that.
    8. Razosh
      How sad. :(
    9. Malhorne
      No problem at all :)
      Tell me if you some improvements in the JASS tut I linked to you ;)
      (Do not rush I'm not in a rush myself xD)
    10. Malhorne
      Thanks for the approval of my tutorial :)
      Made my evening :)
    11. Chaosy
    12. Razosh
      Sounds great and then I can meet either you or Saphiree in the semi-finals. :)
    13. Razosh
      That's a huge problem I'm aware of and I'm afraid we might have to disqualify him if it takes too long, but lets hope it doesn't come to that.
    14. Razosh
      Great to know, yours is the last remaining and then it's the semi-finals.
    15. Ralle
      Will you be able to moderate any potential Wurst resources?
    16. Razosh
      Are you going to play your game with Saphiree?
    17. Daffa

      Hope you got some time, remember the SmartCameraPanBJ Tutorial that you helped me in making it? Thanks to that, I am now interested to get every leaked functions in GUI (those annoying BJs), my goal is to alter Blizzard.j to a version without any handle leaks.

      If you have some free time, would you mind telling me what functions in GUI that leaks handles? Thanks in advance.

    18. Doomlord
      Awesome. Thank you :D
    19. Doomlord
      And I have always thought that data is cleared in deallocated instances :P Sorry, I guess 4 months of no coding took away many things from my memory.

      Thanks for pointing that out :)

      The issue is that originally I use a boolean struct member to check if DestroyEffect() is already called to display the death animation of effects. I didn't set it back to false before deallocating so BPower told me to do so and suggested an alternative method (as you already saw in his post). I implemented that and waited for him to check it again (I thought I might do something wrong) but he didn't and so here I am.

      I hope I am being clear enough this time. Sorry for being unclear earlier.
    20. Doomlord
      Hello Purge :)

      I guess we could skip the greetings part. Anyhow, BPower mentioned this in my DDR snippet. I never heard of that before so I asked him to explain but it seems like he has been ignoring that for some reasons :P

      So if there isn't too much trouble, would you mind giving me some insight on why some type of data in deallocated instances not cleared? Which type of data is kept? Also, it would be great if you could take another look at the snippet too, I implemented one of BPower's suggestion but he didn't seem to bother to respond properly.

      Thank you in advance!
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    Dark Iron
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