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    "...Everwood ORPG was scrapped and reforged..." I guess that's where my anger had stemmed from...

    "...Everwood ORPG was scrapped and reforged..." I guess that's where my anger had stemmed from. Anyways, sorry about the flaming post, I hope you complete the project with high quality. I'll be playing starcraft 2 and might come back to wc3 just to play the map.
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    How many achievement points do you have?

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    Shadows of Everwood - ORPG

    First - I thank all map makers for their time. I truly appreciate the time you spend working on maps. Second - I feel like I have been tricked by the original poster regarding the progress of the map based on his progress reports. Granted, it COULD have just been me not reading things...
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    Shadows of Everwood - ORPG

    WELLLLLLL I was hoping this map would come out before starcraft 2. However, it seems that the developers have failed me. I've been following this map for about 1.75 years now. I bookmarked it from both wc3c and hive, yet there has been no release. Depressing. The initial posts made...
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    SC2 beta is here!

    I got in the beta via email. I have 4 friends who tried with me, and I'm the only one.
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    Dark Invasion II v2.14

    depressing to see it be done with. But yeah, I haven't played the recent versions, because I was depressed to hear of character reset when i reached the end of a particular version :P Anyways, it remains one of my fav wc3 rpgs
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    Everwood - The unique ORPG

    Well, I'm waiting for this map to come out so that I can make my triumphant return to warcraft 3. Yeah, I've pretty much quit wc3, and I'll come back for this game.
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    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    First off, I'm diggin the game thus far. Gotta play it more before I tell you how much I like it. First scenario was pretty good for what I saw. Few things: - As with most wc3 RPG's, I had to toy around with things a lot to learn them. The biggest problem was the dig feature, until I...
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    Thc orpg

    Seems to me like you're tossing on the name "orpg" to something that in no way is an orpg.
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    Naruto Shippuuden RPG that (for once) won't suck.

    Why's the floor only a single color now? That was a pretty bad screenshot...
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    The Growling Winds

    It sounds good so far, I appreciate you making the map. I hope you see it through to the end; I cannot bring myself to play an Alpha version of the map [I hate leaving things unfinished] but it sounds like a great idea.
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    Rosaria Project II Version 1.03

    I really really really really hate when map-makers FORCE 3rd-person into the player. I don't know what crack these guys are smoking... It's nice to have the option if you desire it, but don't force your preferences onto others; I've quit a few maps because of the camera angle.
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    Settle For Nothing RPG v1.51.2

    Starting from lvl 1, with other level 1's, this game really annoyed me. There was excessive grinding when I was playing this game, often times without a quest. You complete a quest, you get another, then all the sudden they seem to disappear on you. I was extremely disappointed when I...
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    Dark Invasion II v2.14

    This game had quite a bit of a learning curve for me, especially since it had so many things at the beginning. I haven't played it since 1.05 though, but this is one of the BEST RPG's I've seen on WC3. One thing that does irritate me is the format of the numbers that you're using; 1.05 = past...
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    Anominer RPG 2nd Age v1.4b

    From what I read, I expected this to be good, pretty epic. It is not. It's the worst grind I've ever seen on an rpg for the early game. It requires a full house or someone ultra buff to carry you. I tried to play with my friend and even the simplistic monsters were destroying us. The first...