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    Comment by 'PROXY' in media 'Whitmore Manor Tour'

    Cool! Another small detail: Replacing the circle of powers with some other circular model (anything really) will help differentiate it more. the circle of power is such a defined and very common model thats everybody immediatley knows, that its a bit off putting (and in this case maybe even too...
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    Comment by 'PROXY' in media 'Whitmore Manor Tour'

    Looks great, although the lightning is very bleak. The last few shots in the cellar are better, but in the other ones its very dull. Perhaps you can try to make it a bit darker in general and counter it with a few light sources to make it more dynamic? Also, small thing: Perhaps fading the...
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    Core Hound

    Juicy. One of my favourite creatures out there. Nice to see it in wc3.
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    Zandalar Doodad Pack vol.1

    Amazing content. I love it!
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    [Role Playing Game] Acolyte of Life

    Looks great, but everything is terribly still. Animated doodads add incredibly much to make the terrain stand out. You should look into animating some things like grass, bushes and trees.
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    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    Permission to view the album is not there sadly.
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    Demonic Planet (Classic WC III Terrain Showcase)

    Some more sneak peeks of two more zones: The Undying Forest: 2020-12-22 13-20-42 2021-02-22 21-40-16 Highstorm: 2021-02-14 19-08-25
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    Ogre Legion Models (Pack)

    You should get to it then, definetly before creating any more models using the same base. In their current state the kilt looks horrible and breaks the models and they will very likely be not approved. Not trying to discourage you, but want to safe you time later on :)
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    Ogre Legion Models (Pack)

    Cool stuff, but the clipping of the kilt/belt armor with the legs and the bouncing stomach is a gamebreaker. Try to fix it with rigging the kilt/beltarmor with the legs.
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    General Frank's Gallery 2.0

    awesome! one suggestion: find a cut out ball texture somewhere instead of the edgy polygon it is right now. theres bound to be something.
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    Modeling Contest #34 - Seven Seas

    Sorry folks, I'm out. Facing too many issues I hoped I could fix but its not working out.
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    [Role Playing Game] Acolyte of Life

    Oh yes! Finally some more Information. This looks dope. awesome to see some more ambitious projects coming up after so many years <3
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    I admire your dedication lol

    I admire your dedication lol
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    Captain Bob

    Besides a lot of clipping that could have been easily avoided, absolutely fantastic model!
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    Modeling Contest #34 - Seven Seas

    Late to the party as always.