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    The white background, black silhouette, and bright red blood provide style for the image.
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    Gilneas Structures

    And here she is surprisingly cool.
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    Stromgarde Buildings

    I'm sorry, but gun turrets are ugly everywhere. And the rest is all great.
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    Kultiras Buildings

    I don't like the gun tower. The rest is awesome.
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    Gilneas Buildings

    Can't you add this animation?
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    Gilneas Buildings

    What about the pandaren buildings after other projects?
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    Gilneas Buildings

    I didn't immediately understand the meaning, I'm sorry.
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    Gilneas Buildings

    Also, I think we need to change the color palette of Worgen Den.
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    Gilneas Buildings

    It seems to me that it will be enough to slightly change the color of the top of the tower.
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    Gilneas Buildings

    I like everything about your work, except for the cannon towers, they always do not fit into the style.
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    Assorted Farm Buildings

    I really like the windmill.
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    Oak Tree (2) (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    Yes, this is entirely my job.
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    I am still too weak in this matter. You can simply replace the skin at Footman Javelineer if you like.
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    Hara-kiri (Icon)

    Hara-kiri. Used in the card about pandaren. I decided to post it. Looks pretty good, I think.