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Plasma Boy
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Feb 20, 2021
Nov 16, 2007

Plasma Boy

Lurking in the stars...

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Feb 20, 2021
    1. CrubGrubDub
      hey do u have update version of your recent ultimate war? if u have older or newer than this recent please GIVE ME SOME!! its really cool and epic...
    2. Acutesharpness
      Hi please try my survival game! Mighty Survival Thread.
    3. SeedinAethyr
      Sorry about the time it took me to give you feedback on Ultimate War.

      Firstly, I congratulate you on making an AI! The friendly and enemy heroes are really cool and quite helpful. Secondly, I'm glad that you reduced the stock cooldown times on the items and the mercenary units; it made my experience a bit more enjoyable because I didn't have to wait as long. Thirdly, I like the new dragon model and all the new units you've put in. The Archfiend of Ruin is quite a challenge to kill! Fourthly, the great clash event was a nice addition to the game, although its effect on the outcome of the game was almost negligible. Fifthly, I'm dissapointed that you took out Divine Wrath. It was a spell that I could count on to destroy bosses and high-profile enemies early in the game and Rain Of Fire doesn't really make up for it, both because it unlocks at level D and because the AI autocasts it so that when I need it it is on cooldown. Next, I think that the Demon Shrine providing a regenerating aura to the enemy base is a bit unnecessary just because of the incredible damage it provides to their towers. Lastly, the bosses are now ridiculous. I think that the map-wide unit summoning was a good idea for Doctor Doom; he still needed a buff. However, for the Lich King and Chaos Boss, the map-wide summoning made them the unchallenged rulers of the battlefield. Nothing could get to them; the map-wide summons and the waves of enemy minions made it impossible to get to them. The Chaos Boss lasted long enough to destroy about 70% of the Alliance base due to the damage over time and about 40% of the Darkness base. (We had the Mystical Guard Towers, the Barracks and Workshop, Shining Palace, and wards left. Darkness had most of its advanced towers and major buildings.) It also was able to capture every neutral building. It did eventually die though. The Lich King was just as difficult to kill and before he died he was able to capture all the neutral buildings, summon his Death Dragon, and obtain full map control with his units. I did manage to get control of the game again though.
      All in all, I like the new version a lot. It's quite a bit harder and I suggest reducing the difficulty a bit (I nearly lost on normal), but I think you've made some excellent changes.
    4. nhs325
      i need to know where did you find the Bahamut model, can you tell me?
    5. SeedinAethyr
      Okay, thank you.
    6. SeedinAethyr
      It looks cool, but I've been realy busy with my life too. I'll try to find some time for Warcraft III, but I might take awhile to give you some substantial feedback. However, I have four days of no school this weekend so I'll probably be able to do it unless the projects my teachers assigned take longer to complete than I'm anticipating.
      I also might not review your map because I've been really anticipating a break from schoolwork and I just want to relax over this weekend.
    7. SeedinAethyr
      Hey Plasma Boy, I've been playing some more Ultimate War. I played the hero Yoshimitsu, the Samurai Warlord and I found a couple tooltip errors. The ability "Reinforcements" has an l at the end of it, and says it summons reinforcements for Jubei. The ability Bladestorm says it damages enemies around the Blademaster (it should say that it damages enemies around the Samurai Warlord).
      Also, during the game I was playing as Yoshimitsu, I was incredibly lucky with the random drops. The Lion's Ring dropped 4 times, and an Arcane Orb also dropped!
      EDIT: The Void Elementals summoned from the Doom Horn item have the summon duration label "Headhunter Spirit". Also, when a Chaos Boss comes it says that is will "wreack" havoc. It's spelled "wreak".
      I've thought of a couple more ideas. Firstly, different types of Demon Summoners. Right now, the event only seems to summon the Swarm Dragon; a different type of summoner would be cool. Secondly, how about a factory ward that summons some sort of enemy as one of the possible wards that spawn for the enemy?
    8. SeedinAethyr
      Thanks, and nice work.
      It's like a(n early) birthday present for me actually.

      If you want ideas for new stuff, I've thought of: 1. More abilities for the enemy Dark Shrine 2. A capturable ward for the middle lane (or anything that makes the middle lane more useful to both sides), right now it is not very appealing at all to fight in it 3. Item Stack system for potions

      Also, I think I've asked you this before, but how exactly does Military Power work? If you already told me, forgive me for asking.
      Also, a game message for how many military powers have been bought would be useful. (I think I asked you for this before, sorry.)
    9. SeedinAethyr
    10. SeedinAethyr
      Hey, have you ever played ESatire's AoS Hell? It's somewhat similar to your map.
    11. SeedinAethyr
      I tried Nayra again and did quite well. I just was in a really bad place when the Spawn appeared last time. I also found a couple more tooltip errors, Protection Ward's spell tooltip doesn't have a space between "27" and "for" and Infinity Gauntlet's tooltip is cut off.
    12. SeedinAethyr
      I guess. Maybe I'm just bad at using mercenaries to capture bases.
    13. SeedinAethyr
      Narya's Protection Magic has no research icon and shows up green when choosing spells.

      EDIT: Damn, I lost. I didn't play for awhile and forgot when the Spawn Of Typhon spawned, so I wasn't ready to abolish him and I died and my troops retreated. I then lost the Obelisk Of Protection to him. There was no way for me to continue the game then, the allied troops were stuck at the base defending from chaos and army of darkness so the Spawn had free reign over the battlefield and would be able take all the neutral bases, so I quit. Losing on Normal is frustrating. :(
      I thought I was doing well too. I had the Obelisk Of Magic, Obelisk Of Protection, Chimera Roost, Spirit Lodge, and Fury Totem before the Spawn Of Typhon appeared. Demon Shrine was also dead, and I was ready to take the Altar Of Darkness.
    14. SeedinAethyr
      Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification.
    15. SeedinAethyr
      I'm not sure if the replacement item for the Stone Of Summoning is of any use. It costs too much for its value, and it's rare that I'll need to bring units from one side of the map to me immediately.
      I want the Stone Of Summoning back. I loved it's Emerald Crushers; they were great for capturing neutral bases.
    16. Plasma Boy
    17. Plasma Boy
      Plasma Boy
      Good, he is very powerful. I saw what the Archons did in the replay, I think sometimes I go crazy with the bosses, for next version they will be nerfed and they won't spawn before great war 2.
      EDIT: thanks for reporting those issues.
    18. SeedinAethyr
      Yeah, just beat Hard now with Thurandar. I might try it again with Radix later today.
      EDIT: Found a tooltip error. Absorb Magic (for Yadix) says it can be casted anywhere in the map, but it actually can only be casted close to Radix.
      EDIT: Bam, just beat Hard with Radix.
      EDIT: The tooltip for Summon Alpha Wolf has a spelling error in the first sentence, you spelled it 'alpaha wolf'.
    19. SeedinAethyr
      I have another replay for you. All the players (except for me) did not know how to play. It was either four or five players, I forget.
      I also have a suggestion for you. How about a command to know what level Military Power is at? I don't really know when it is maxed out at level five unless I count everytime I buy the upgrade, and I sometimes forget/mix up numbers. An alternative to a command to show what level Military Power is at is a "Military Power" armor upgrade on the Idol Of War withfive levels. That way when a player selects the Idol Of War to upgrade the Military Power, he or she can see the Military Power level.
      Finally, can the bounty for Spectral Appendages be increased? It is currently at five to six gold, which is ridiculously low.
      Also, just beat Hard with Nergal!
      I was kind of hesitant to try Hard when this new version came out because you said Hard would be "harder than before", but looks like I can still beat it (with a divine hero atleast)!
      I doubt I can beat Hard with one of the weaker normal heroes. I could probably do it with Aurok or Alucard or Zhaggad or any of the other 'powerful' normal heroes though.
      By the way, is it even possible to beat Insane? I tried it in an earlier version (one without the mystic fire from the Serpent Wards and Obelisk Guardians) and the Fury Totem got taken pretty early on. I was really suprised to see it get taken because I had taken all of the other top lane bases. Then I said to myself "Maybe I'm not ready for Insane yet..." and quit the map.
    20. SeedinAethyr
      Ah. Okay. I had actually thought that what you meant by this statement "-You can hire mercenaries at your base, which can grant you special tactical advantage over the enemy and in some cases to defeat certain enemies, which are very hard to defeat," was capturing neutral bases because mercenaries were so good at it and it was so hard to capture neutral bases otherwise xD
      By the way, nothing was immune to the Serpent Wards before. The damage was just reduced to a certain extent. (If I didn't deal enough damage in time to capture a neutral base, I'd have to pull the unit tanking the Serpent Ward back or it would die because it had recieved so much damage.) Obelisk Guardians were the ones that did about nothing to certain units (for reasons I cannot understand).
      By the way, can the range for Repair be longer? I cannot repair the Guard Towers on the edges. (I also can't repair Ancient Protectors because they are organic units.)
      Also, I noticed that you seem to have two different Serpent Ward units. The Serpent Ward that the Palace of Light summons is different than the one that defends bases and the one which is summoned through an item. Intentional?
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