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  • hey do u have update version of your recent ultimate war? if u have older or newer than this recent please GIVE ME SOME!! its really cool and epic...
    Sorry about the time it took me to give you feedback on Ultimate War.

    Firstly, I congratulate you on making an AI! The friendly and enemy heroes are really cool and quite helpful. Secondly, I'm glad that you reduced the stock cooldown times on the items and the mercenary units; it made my experience a bit more enjoyable because I didn't have to wait as long. Thirdly, I like the new dragon model and all the new units you've put in. The Archfiend of Ruin is quite a challenge to kill! Fourthly, the great clash event was a nice addition to the game, although its effect on the outcome of the game was almost negligible. Fifthly, I'm dissapointed that you took out Divine Wrath. It was a spell that I could count on to destroy bosses and high-profile enemies early in the game and Rain Of Fire doesn't really make up for it, both because it unlocks at level D and because the AI autocasts it so that when I need it it is on cooldown. Next, I think that the Demon Shrine providing a regenerating aura to the enemy base is a bit unnecessary just because of the incredible damage it provides to their towers. Lastly, the bosses are now ridiculous. I think that the map-wide unit summoning was a good idea for Doctor Doom; he still needed a buff. However, for the Lich King and Chaos Boss, the map-wide summoning made them the unchallenged rulers of the battlefield. Nothing could get to them; the map-wide summons and the waves of enemy minions made it impossible to get to them. The Chaos Boss lasted long enough to destroy about 70% of the Alliance base due to the damage over time and about 40% of the Darkness base. (We had the Mystical Guard Towers, the Barracks and Workshop, Shining Palace, and wards left. Darkness had most of its advanced towers and major buildings.) It also was able to capture every neutral building. It did eventually die though. The Lich King was just as difficult to kill and before he died he was able to capture all the neutral buildings, summon his Death Dragon, and obtain full map control with his units. I did manage to get control of the game again though.
    All in all, I like the new version a lot. It's quite a bit harder and I suggest reducing the difficulty a bit (I nearly lost on normal), but I think you've made some excellent changes.
    It looks cool, but I've been realy busy with my life too. I'll try to find some time for Warcraft III, but I might take awhile to give you some substantial feedback. However, I have four days of no school this weekend so I'll probably be able to do it unless the projects my teachers assigned take longer to complete than I'm anticipating.
    I also might not review your map because I've been really anticipating a break from schoolwork and I just want to relax over this weekend.
    Hey Plasma Boy, I've been playing some more Ultimate War. I played the hero Yoshimitsu, the Samurai Warlord and I found a couple tooltip errors. The ability "Reinforcements" has an l at the end of it, and says it summons reinforcements for Jubei. The ability Bladestorm says it damages enemies around the Blademaster (it should say that it damages enemies around the Samurai Warlord).
    Also, during the game I was playing as Yoshimitsu, I was incredibly lucky with the random drops. The Lion's Ring dropped 4 times, and an Arcane Orb also dropped!
    EDIT: The Void Elementals summoned from the Doom Horn item have the summon duration label "Headhunter Spirit". Also, when a Chaos Boss comes it says that is will "wreack" havoc. It's spelled "wreak".
    I've thought of a couple more ideas. Firstly, different types of Demon Summoners. Right now, the event only seems to summon the Swarm Dragon; a different type of summoner would be cool. Secondly, how about a factory ward that summons some sort of enemy as one of the possible wards that spawn for the enemy?
    Thanks, and nice work.
    It's like a(n early) birthday present for me actually.

    If you want ideas for new stuff, I've thought of: 1. More abilities for the enemy Dark Shrine 2. A capturable ward for the middle lane (or anything that makes the middle lane more useful to both sides), right now it is not very appealing at all to fight in it 3. Item Stack system for potions

    Also, I think I've asked you this before, but how exactly does Military Power work? If you already told me, forgive me for asking.
    Also, a game message for how many military powers have been bought would be useful. (I think I asked you for this before, sorry.)
    I tried Nayra again and did quite well. I just was in a really bad place when the Spawn appeared last time. I also found a couple more tooltip errors, Protection Ward's spell tooltip doesn't have a space between "27" and "for" and Infinity Gauntlet's tooltip is cut off.
    Narya's Protection Magic has no research icon and shows up green when choosing spells.

    EDIT: Damn, I lost. I didn't play for awhile and forgot when the Spawn Of Typhon spawned, so I wasn't ready to abolish him and I died and my troops retreated. I then lost the Obelisk Of Protection to him. There was no way for me to continue the game then, the allied troops were stuck at the base defending from chaos and army of darkness so the Spawn had free reign over the battlefield and would be able take all the neutral bases, so I quit. Losing on Normal is frustrating. :(
    I thought I was doing well too. I had the Obelisk Of Magic, Obelisk Of Protection, Chimera Roost, Spirit Lodge, and Fury Totem before the Spawn Of Typhon appeared. Demon Shrine was also dead, and I was ready to take the Altar Of Darkness.
    I'm not sure if the replacement item for the Stone Of Summoning is of any use. It costs too much for its value, and it's rare that I'll need to bring units from one side of the map to me immediately.
    I want the Stone Of Summoning back. I loved it's Emerald Crushers; they were great for capturing neutral bases.
    Good, he is very powerful. I saw what the Archons did in the replay, I think sometimes I go crazy with the bosses, for next version they will be nerfed and they won't spawn before great war 2.
    EDIT: thanks for reporting those issues.
    Yeah, just beat Hard now with Thurandar. I might try it again with Radix later today.
    EDIT: Found a tooltip error. Absorb Magic (for Yadix) says it can be casted anywhere in the map, but it actually can only be casted close to Radix.
    EDIT: Bam, just beat Hard with Radix.
    EDIT: The tooltip for Summon Alpha Wolf has a spelling error in the first sentence, you spelled it 'alpaha wolf'.
    I have another replay for you. All the players (except for me) did not know how to play. It was either four or five players, I forget.
    I also have a suggestion for you. How about a command to know what level Military Power is at? I don't really know when it is maxed out at level five unless I count everytime I buy the upgrade, and I sometimes forget/mix up numbers. An alternative to a command to show what level Military Power is at is a "Military Power" armor upgrade on the Idol Of War withfive levels. That way when a player selects the Idol Of War to upgrade the Military Power, he or she can see the Military Power level.
    Finally, can the bounty for Spectral Appendages be increased? It is currently at five to six gold, which is ridiculously low.
    Also, just beat Hard with Nergal!
    I was kind of hesitant to try Hard when this new version came out because you said Hard would be "harder than before", but looks like I can still beat it (with a divine hero atleast)!
    I doubt I can beat Hard with one of the weaker normal heroes. I could probably do it with Aurok or Alucard or Zhaggad or any of the other 'powerful' normal heroes though.
    By the way, is it even possible to beat Insane? I tried it in an earlier version (one without the mystic fire from the Serpent Wards and Obelisk Guardians) and the Fury Totem got taken pretty early on. I was really suprised to see it get taken because I had taken all of the other top lane bases. Then I said to myself "Maybe I'm not ready for Insane yet..." and quit the map.
    Ah. Okay. I had actually thought that what you meant by this statement "-You can hire mercenaries at your base, which can grant you special tactical advantage over the enemy and in some cases to defeat certain enemies, which are very hard to defeat," was capturing neutral bases because mercenaries were so good at it and it was so hard to capture neutral bases otherwise xD
    By the way, nothing was immune to the Serpent Wards before. The damage was just reduced to a certain extent. (If I didn't deal enough damage in time to capture a neutral base, I'd have to pull the unit tanking the Serpent Ward back or it would die because it had recieved so much damage.) Obelisk Guardians were the ones that did about nothing to certain units (for reasons I cannot understand).
    By the way, can the range for Repair be longer? I cannot repair the Guard Towers on the edges. (I also can't repair Ancient Protectors because they are organic units.)
    Also, I noticed that you seem to have two different Serpent Ward units. The Serpent Ward that the Palace of Light summons is different than the one that defends bases and the one which is summoned through an item. Intentional?
    I want you to watch this singleplayer replay. Tell me what I did wrong. Because... I couldn't beat Hard with this update, and I've beaten Hard before, even with the non-Divine heroes.
    For this game, because the Serpent Wards and Obelisk Guardians got so strong due to the update, I ended up on spending a ton of money on replacing my mercs because it was so much harder to keep them alive. It also took me a ton of time to capture all the bases, and then Hurakan appeared shortly after me capturing all of them and took them all, and then preceded to destroy my base with his armies.
    I was playing as Captain Falcon. I had the Medallion of the Behemoth, picked it up "You cannot carry more than one Artifact." I sell the Medallion and try to pick it up again. "You cannot carry more than one unique item." I drop all my items and try again. "You cannot carry more than one unique item."
    By the way, in that two player game, my friend and I would get hurt really badly if we went middle, and we had such long revive times. So we didn't risk it.
    EDIT: By the way, we were playing on Normal. I thought that we would be able to win since I knew how to play and my friend kinda knew how to play.
    EDIT2: I forgot to say this: I managed to get the Cyclops stuck between the cauldron and the Altar of Darkness by using Captain Falcon's Flame Charge (or whatever it's called) and knocking him back through the doodad.
    Kinda sad that you've made the Serpent Wards and Obelisk Guardians stronger. I guess I'm not going to be able to capture all eight neutral bases before the first Great War like I normally do...
    I don't spend my money on Invulnerability potions, which is probably why I did so badly. I do pick them up though if I see them. Personally, I don't see twelve seconds as enough to kill a Death Ward (which is my main use for Magna Shield, turning it on and killing a Death Ward).
    Found a bug: I can't pick up the Sky Orb. "You cannot carry more than 1 unique item." I dropped ALL of my items and the error persisted. I had not obtained any other unique items either. I had sold my Medallion Of The Behemoth.
    Can you tune down the random events a bit in multiplayer? Just played a two player game with my friend who kind of knew what he was doing (he played before, but he doesn't completely understand the mechanics). I have a replay, but I understand that you don't want to watch 100 minutes of us spamming "gg." However, there are many points in time in which a Swarm Dragon is present, a Demon Champion is present, Elite Troops are present, and Siege Demons are present. I swear, the Demon Summoner event happened like six times. Also, found a tiny bug. Nix Grul's Siege Hounds can get stuck between the Serpent Ward and neutral base when they blink in and capture it.
    By the way, here's a replay (if you really want to see 100 minutes of me and my friend spamming gg):
    Had my hardest solo game today: Hard difficulty with the Incredible Hulk.
    I found it very hard not to die due to the fact that the Hulk has no Magna Shield (rather, an Avatar). I was dead for a lot of the time and in that time the enemy often took neutral bases. The Light Goddess was summoned right before the fourth war, but the enemy had ALL the bases and therefore the fourth war wasn't as defining as it is when the Alliance controls all the bases. It actually went up to the fifth war until we won. The chaos boss of Cataclysms (Hurakon?) was incredibly devastating due to the fact that the Serpent Wards I normally summon tons of got destroyed frequently early game. So when Hurakon was summoned, there were only three Serpent Wards attacking him. It took us all the way to the third Great War to destroy him, and in that time Chaos had conquered many bases, lol. The bases also got badly damaged due to his Corruption. By the way, Corruption's buff tooltip states something about Kalixis. Perhaps you could change that to a more general term, or create a different aura for Hurakon?
    I am still at process of testing somethings in your map and maybe I'll edit the Object Data part of my review for its not yet accurate so Review will still change :)
    I've found Mortar Teams die VERY quickly. And the thing is, my Elite Warriors never tank the Serpent Wards or the Obelisk Guardians. My Light Enforcer and Elvish Champion tank the attacks of the Obelisk Guardian and Light Enforcer (or Dark Steel Guardian if I had a chance to buy him) tank the Serpent Wards. The unit(s) I want to tank the defender I send in first and have them attack the base or obelisk. Then I send in my hero and whatever else I kept back that can't take hits from that particular defender. So with my playstyle for taking bases, it makes no difference at all that Mortar Teams won't get hit by Serpent Wards because my Elite Warriors won't get hit either. Two Elite Warriors are also better against bases than a Mortar Team because their combined damage output is much greater, and their attack type is Chaos so although it isn't super effective, it still gives for regular damage. I'm pretty sure they also have higher attack rates than the Mortar Team in general, and also have Frenzy. I probably wouldn't send a Mortar Team to weaken a neutral base just because I have horrible luck with starfall and my Mortar Team would likely be killed by it before I respond to the notification and move him away. Mortar Teams seem easily killed by starfall. Plus, they cost resources. Lastly, if they get targeted by enemy units, they will die very quickly due to their low resistance.
    Erm... possible bug detected. My Winged Furies have an amazing +22000 damage. I'm playing as Tyrazul and I know I have two damage boosting abilities (War Chant and battle Standard), but this is ridiculous. I see no auras that could possibly add up to this damage, so I think it's a bug. Also, this damage seems permantent. I also read that some guy got his Mortar Team to get damage somewhat like what my Winged Terrors have. By the way, just saw you uploaded version 2.71. This is on version 2.7, but I don't believe that matters.
    EDIT: One of my Winged Furies lost its insane damage when it got Shadow Striked by a Scourge Skeleton.
    The other buff dissapeared mysteriously when Rock Golems appeared.
    EDIT: Super damage appeared again when I used a combination of Battle Standard and War Chant. Only two Furies got the damage though, and I'm not certain that casting Battle Standard and War Chant is the cause.
    EDIT: Actually, it might be the Command Aura. I made some Siege Engines get the 20k damage and kill the Idol Of Carnage in like three seconds by going near them.
    LASTEDIT: There are different chaos bosses? Awesome! You really put some work into this last update, with the boss wards and the new chaos bosses and everything! By the way, I like that new Balrog model. I think Tyrazul is really imbalanced though (not even counting the bug). He has two really AoE damage increasing spells along with Command Aura. He also has Tower Breaker aura. Combined with the absolute masses of units he can summon with Battle Call, I can kill the horrific Flame Towers in about four seconds with eight Winged Furies and myself. I can kill SPIRIT TOWERS in about seven. Maybe the AoE damage increasing spells should be nerfed or something? I mean, I won faster than I can do with a Divine hero from the back row of heroes. To give you an example of how fast I won, I didn't even encounter the Lich King. I won just as the third Great War finished.
    Oh noez, how could I ever forget the Emerald Dragon? D:
    Multiplayer I don't do too much, and that's because very few people know how to play and there is too much difficulty for me. For example, the Swarm Dragon is incredibly devastating to the Alliance and could be compared to a boss. The people who don't know how to play ignore the threat because it is too strong, and instead focus on pushing their lane, thinking that is more important. So I'm left alone with a Swarm Dragon, which is near-impossible to kill solo. I remember when I first started playing I ignored the neutral bases because I found the Serpent Wards and Obelisk Guardians too difficult to kill and I wanted to wait until I was a very high level so I could kill them. Now I understand some units are nearly immune to the attacks of the Obelisk Guardian (Light Enforcer, Elvish Champion, Emerald Crusher) and some units are quite resistant (but not immune) to attacks of Serpent Wards and can normally take the base (with help) before they die (Light Enforcer, Dark Steel Guardian). So I purchase an Elvish Champion, Light Enforcer, and two Elite Warriors with my starting resources. I definitely know new players won't purchase those things and won't use the correct units to tank, so I'm kind of on my own in multiplayer. However, I believe if more than half of the players know what they're doing, they can handle the bosses. I think if you do this, you could also balance out the addition of the superior Alliance units that spawn occasionally. By the way, maybe you could let these new bosses spawn in Insane mode in singleplayer, but maybe less frequently? Singleplayer is where I do most of my testing, and I get kind of sad that I'm missing out on a few units. (I mean, I already know that I'm missing out on many units such as the Avatar of Doom, Swarm Dragon, and Infernal Dragon, but I'd like a few more epic units to make the game more difficult and exciting.)
    Yeah, those models are super awesome. Let's see if I can list all the units that use those models...
    Sky Dragon, Infernal Dragon, Swarm Dragon, Doom Dragon, Garathok The Divine Guardian, Balaur- Seed Of Evil
    Emerald Crusher, Amethyst Guardian, Immortal Magus, Immortal Tormentor, Crystal Magus, Void Fiend
    Avatar Of Vengenace, Light Commander, Altanis- Fist Of Wrath, Phantom Executioner, Aurok once had the model, Hell Raiser, Herald Of The Void, Warlock Titan, Arcanis The Omnipotent...
    I feel like I'm playing this game so much it's unhealthy. But it's so fun and unique, so I can't stop.
    EDIT: Found a couple description bugs. Mario's description says that he is "skilled in hand to han combat". Aurok doesn't seem to have a description.
    I saw three of your new bosses, Unholy Ward, Kalixis- Eclipse Of Sanity, and Doom Ward. I managed to kill both Wards before they hurt me much, so I never saw their cataclysmic effect on the battlefield. Mind telling me what they do?
    Kalixis was definitely a tough boss, but she was made much easier due to the stacking of Serpent Wards I always do. I just use the Serpent Ward on this rock formation that is about midway in the middle lane, which is the farthest range Serpent Wards can be placed. Coincidentally, Kalixis spawned about 700 range away and therefore was attacked by three Serpent Wards. It took like five minutes or so (and I died), but I managed to kill her! (Well, the Alliance killed her. Not me.)
    I've started to notice that you have three favorite models, the model used for the Sky Dragon, the model used for the Emerald Crusher, and the model used for the Avatar Of Vengeance. They appear on like four other units xD
    Also, I like the new Archangel model.
    Ah. Okay.
    Now to try out the new version :D
    By the way, I think Dr. Doom is much too weak of a boss. All of the other bosses have *very* defining effects on the war. Spawn of Typhon is invincible if a hero does not dispel his Unholy Power, it summons powerful lava spawns, and uses rushing tornadoes to take out armies. Siege Behemoth is very tough and incredibly effective at taking neutral bases and killing armies. Lich King summons hordes of units and has a very powerful AoE freeze. Not sure about Cyclops, never fought him much because by the time he spawns I'm already winning the Great War and destroying the final Spirit Tower and moving on to the Altar. I know Cyclops is still very dangerous though. But Dr. Doom is... eh. No super powerful abilities. Decent health, but mediocre damage. He has Lava Spawns and two different kind of factories (Winged Terrors and Scourge Skeletons) but isn't that devastating. He's just a big hit taker. Honestly, Hell Champions are more dangerous than him because they hurt you a lot and go back to heal when low health.
    One last thing. Killing the Demon Gate and Temple Of The Damned doesn't seem to have any effect on the enemy. Killing the Barracks and Workshop shuts down unit spawing in their respective lanes, shouldn't killing the Demon Gate and Temple Of The Damned do the same?
    [last edit]Gnaraya was converted into a normal hero right? His description did not mention Divine heroes, and he definitely seemed weak enough to be a regular hero. But... I can't carry unique items.
    Hey, I'm curious, is the Destroyer an enemy? I haven't seen it and if it isn't an enemy, I'm suprised you haven't used it yet (or it's model.) I could really imagine it as being an epic enemy (possibly part of the "powerful minions to destroy your base" event).
    I've been noticing some units have horribly low bounties. Is this intentional, or did you never get around to increasing their bounties proportional to their strength?
    (For example, Siege Behemoths, Phantom Executioners, and Nix Grul's Siege Minions have veery low bounties.)
    Also, is it your intention that the Shining Palace casts Summon Gun Bots, Earthquake, and Devastating Summon on its own? I don't really mind the Gun Bots, but the Earthquake is a bit annoying because it uses it on enemy units to slow them down rather than on clusters of enemy towers. The Devastating Summon also uses mana. It's not really a waste, but there are some times when I'd like to use Magical Meteor, but the Shining Palace has too little mana. (I don't really care about Boost Defenses or Divine Wrath much, a Siege Titan is much better.) I can also only use Call of Fate once because the Palace will always cast Devastating Summon once six hundred mana is reached. (I guess that's good though, since I will likely be concentrated on my hero so much that I'll be forgetting to use the abilities that the Palace has.)
    Ah. Okay.
    I've been wanting to see what the Bane of Civilisation is. I read about it in the Book of War but have never seen it. Is it a random event, or Great War unit?
    What makes the Avatar of Doom so bad that you can't see it in games of three players or less?
    I'm curious, does anything special happen during the fifth Great War, such as monsters that don't appear in the other Great Wars? (For example, I've noticed that Herald of Damnation often appears in the second Great War if you don't have many bases, Ancient Hydra/Cyclops/Medusa appear in the third Great War under some conditions, and then of course there are the Titans in the fourth Great War.)
    Actually, it was just two players xD
    The third one left early on because it has his bedtime or something, and no one wanted to control his hero.
    Just had a really fun game today.
    It was a 3 player game, but one of the players dropped out early on. So we were facing difficulty of 3 players with two players. (No one wanted to control the leaver's hero since any gold gained by him would be lost, and any gold used to buy him items would be my gold or my other friend's gold.) I quickly captured all the neutral bases, and was doing very well up until the Siege Behemoth appears. (The Siege Behemoth is probably the most deciding factor in the game. If you let it live you lose.) My friend had wanted to get a unique item early on, so I decided to help him by pooling Magic Runes. He got the Eye of Kronos just before the boss appeared. He was going to help kill a Swarm Dragon that I had alerted him to before the Siege Behemoth appeared. He used the Eye Of Kronos and the boss died in about five seconds due to the insane attack rate increase. The Swarm Dragon was then targeted and nearly killed, but then the Siege Behemoth wave came (Siege Behemoths at each entrance) and a siege demon wave (Nix Grul's Siege Hound and Siege Minions) appeared. We lost the top lane very quickly, and lost many towers too. It was all downhill from there. The enemy got all the other neutral bases, and destroyed many towers. I kept trying to retake bases with mercenaries, but it's pretty hard to do that when your base is getting pushed so hard with creatures. At the third Great War, things sorta changed. A Hell Raiser, Ancient Hydra, and Medusa (those were the main enemies, other enemies were just generic stuff) appeared and promptly destroyed all of our stuff. Through some epic force, Kirby (my friend's hero) killed the Ancient Hydra while it was at our base. I killed Medusa, and the Hell Raiser (which is weak in comparison with those two) died, although I did not see how. Then I began to try to retake the bases again. I actually managed to take the Spirit Lodge, Obelisk of Fury, and Chimera Roost without them being retaken. (I had captured all those bases before, but they were very quickly retaken and I could do nothing about it because I was low on health and the base was being battered.) (The Lich King sieged our base a bit before I retook the bases and died, if you're wondering about him.) Then the Great War happened. With only three neutral bases, we actually managed to win the Great War and the Clash of the Titans without too much hero intervention. (Not sure how that happened. o.o) We were sieging the enemy base from all sides for about five minutes... and then Nix Grul Spawned. We were at about 6.7k Divine Power, and the enemy had somehow managed to retake two obelisks. I knew the only chance for us was to summon Luminaris, so I told my friend to help retake the obelisks. After a frantic four minutes in which Nix Grul moved very close to our base, we managed to get two of the Obelisks and lost the Obelisk of Fury. We had about 7.4k Divine Power. I teleported down to the last Obelisk, captured it (then we lost the obelisk of magic) and Luminaris spawned. Nix Grul was actually destroying towers in our base as we were about to retake the two obelisks up top, and we only had like two mystical guard towers left, so I was really in a panic to capture those obelisks xD. The battle between Luminaris and Nix Grul was really epic and took awhile, but in the end we won.
    Man, that was fun!
    Too bad I never got to fight the Avatar of Doom and see my item. :(
    Also, the players other than red have a really low camera in multiplayer and need to spam down arrow a bunch of times to fix it. Can you just make it so they have normal camera to start off?
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