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    Noted. I have been working on a “reforged-compatible” release already. Not 100% sure it’s even...

    Noted. I have been working on a “reforged-compatible” release already. Not 100% sure it’s even possible without re-doing lots of things, but I’ll remain optimistic. Though it will have some downsides, like losing the custom-game feature. And I would have to copy future changes to each map...
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    Zerg Campaign

    You need 1.28, which you can find here, under the Game Files tab.
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    Zerg Campaign

    What version of the game is in that folder? Rename the War3Mod.mpq to something else and then run the game to check. It should be 1.28.
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    Zerg Campaign

    The .mpq goes directly in the folder that Warcraft III is in.
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    Zerg Campaign (Campaign)

    Above Char, The Terran and Protoss fire a jointly-developed experimental super-weapon at Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades. The blast unexpectedly tears a hole in space-time, launching Kerrigan and her Zerg out of the Korpulu Sector. She's another world's problem now... Follow Sarah...
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    Zerg Campaign (Warcraft 3 Campaign)

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    Zergs Packs (Units)

    I had a similar issue with another resource. Possibly related. Does the Mutalisk uses a 'Team Glow' emitter?
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    Zergs Packs (Units)

    The Mutalisk crashes the editor for me (v1.28). Also, if you do make further changes to it, could you add attachment points for the head, chest, and hands? I tried to add them myself, but could not test how well they worked in-game due to the aforementioned crash. The Mantaling and Omegalisk...
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    Zergs Packs (Units)

    This is very cool. One thing I noticed with the Mutalisk in the Sanity Checker is that the attack animation has a frame where the portrait background appears (Although I have not tested this in-game).
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    You need to modify the image so they have 1px of transparency around them. If you're on 1.31 or later, it may be better to make it a custom ui
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    [SD/Misc] StarCraft Asset Improvements

    Thanks! And woops, I imported that texture via Ladik's MPQ Editor, rather than the World Editor. Turns out assets imported that way don't really stick! I've updated the OP map to include it properly. Still, it's one of my textures, literally just re-coloring the blood in the first screenshot...
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    [SD/Misc] StarCraft Asset Improvements

    Updated, since some assets were changed since this thread was made, and some (but not all) issues were resolved.
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    [SD/Modeling] Back-port Incite Unholy Frenzy effect

    I'm looking to use the effect for the 'Incite Unholy Frenzy' spell from version 1.31 of war3 in my mod that uses version 1.28 of the game. Couldn't open it in magos or MDX MDL converter. Doesn't appear in-game. I assume there's some slight difference in the file format between versions, or...
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    [Campaign] Zerg Campaign: Invasion of Azeroth

    I won't be able to spend much time working on this for the next little while, but I have a mostly-finished update ready to go! Download This version adds The Final Chapter (which is not totally finished, but...
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    Retera's Model Studio

    Trying the program on linux. Adding my Reforged install directory was successful, it prompted for my locale. Then after clicking OK, I get this error: Unknown error occurred: java.lang.NullPointerException at com.matrixeater.src.MainPanel.createMenuBar( at...