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    Footman Model implementation

    Why are custom models such a pain? Correct me if I'm wrong but to implement this guy as a working unit I need to do a few things. I create a new unit, with an actor attached to it that references the new model I make which refers to the footman.m3. Ok. Then I have to create a new weapon...
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    Autodesk 3DSMax 2012?

    is it possible to import warcraft 3 models into 3dsmax 2012 and then export them to .m3 format for use in sc2?
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    Fields of Glory [Medieval Conversion]

    Where did you get the terrain for your map? Are those wow exports? I've been trying to find a house model like the ones you have.
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    Aiur Chef Question

    How is the item/ingredient bar made in Aiur chef? I've opened the map but cant seem to find any triggers that fire when a unit picks up an item. Did they use a custom UI?
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    tutorial of basics

    Try searching youtube for starcraft 2 map editor tutorials. There are a lot of them out there.
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    Need Help Publishing a Map

    Those things are a nightmare. I hope this is one area blizzard plans to improve because I don't even bother messing with it anymore. I just make the game FFA and set alliances via triggers.
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    What maps are you working on these days?

    What maps are you working on these days?
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    Turn based game

    I'm trying to work on a turn based game but am struggling to decide whether or not the gameplay will be fun. I don't have a good quality video at the moment but the combat would be akin to -> -Any general thoughts on this? -Would it need to be PvP...
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    Fields of Glory [Medieval Conversion]

    This map looks like it's going to be awesome. I remembered your name from D3WC3 and knew this was going to be quality. I look forward to playing it.
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    Warcraft Footman Model

    I love you. I absolutely love you. Plz take my money. Also, this model is fantastic.
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    Island Troll Tribes SC2 remake - "Troll Tribes Blood Hunt" (TTBH)

    I have a map prototype for something exactly like this if you'd like to look at it. PM me your id and I'll show you if you're interested.
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    Hey I really like your Jurassic Park map for SC2. I'd like to help you with it.

    Hey I really like your Jurassic Park map for SC2. I'd like to help you with it.
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    Text in a dialog label, change size?

    How do you change the size of text in a dialog label? Is there a hidden text tag somewhere I'm missing? And bonus question, how do you make new text styles?
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    WIP: The basic SC2 attachment hero

    I really like this concept I hope you finish working on it. I am not sure on what the current progress is but it looks like you're re-working the mesh from what I read in some posts. Keep it up though! I know I will use it in my map!
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    This guy got through to Blizzard

    I don't see the part where he gets through to blizzard? Just seems like a neater form of what everyone has been posting on the forums