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  • that's supposed to happen, even after you step on a branch you usually still get 2 to 4 shots before the animal notices what's happening and runs away. if you stay there hiding, without walking, you'll get more shot opportunities than if you were standing out in the open
    What do you think might look good for a father of Kael in his King of the High Elves.
    when it passes out sprint to it and finish it with a large knife
    after you kill it, skin it, roast the fat, and make several trips to take the meat to the nearest town, then dry or smoke most of the meat to preserve it, keeping only 20 cuts to feed you until you hunt another animal. after your first kill has finished preserving you probably already got 5 other animals being preserved and you can settle down and start to build a cabin for the winter.
    the only way i hunt is with bow and arrow. at the start of any game i craft a bow and 15 arrows using my clothing for cord, then i feed on squirrels and birds which are surprisingly easy to kill if you stay hidden, then as soon as i find an elk i track it as if my life depended on it, which it kinda does. i don't bother with reindeer, as they travel in packs and leave to many tracks, it's hard to know which tracks belong to the reindeer that has 10 arrows stuck in it and which track belongs to a fresh animal without a scratch. also, don't run after prey, stalk it calmly, moving sneakily, and aim for the legs, that slows them considerably. usually when i run out of ammo the animal is already loosing blood and wll pass out occasionally,

    Really want the blue armor to be team colored and just do this for me eubz.

    I really want Keal's Father for my project and would you do a remake of the Blood Mage for me?
    actually i fight naked, i find not being hit is allways better than being hit no mather the armor you're wearing, armor gives you to much of a weight penalty, that affects both your speed and your stamina, so i drop everything i don't need in a fight. i only dress for the cold months, and even then only when i don't plan to fight.

    for carrying several hundred lbs meat i usually do several trips, and if i'm far enough to warrant that, i take advantage of rafts, if you drop something on top of a raft it's transported with you when you move.
    it's also quite difficult to find where you left the meat on the zoomed in map, so one trick i discovered is, i put everything in my inventory, even if i cannot move with it, then press enter to zoom out, then on the zoomed out map you can drop whatever you want and it'll appear there. you no longer have to search it on the zoomed in map, just memorize a few landmarks like lakes and mountains and do several trips to recover your prize
    i built a log cabin, collected hundreds of tons of bear meat and fur, a few dozed njerks weapons, then got bored with sedentary life after my first winter and left everything behind, now i wander the world trying to survive, carrying only a knife, a short bow, and a dozen arrows, plus a full set of bear clothing.
    you didn't have the money? the game is quite cheap, 3 dollars buys you the current version plus any bug fixing patch. if you're that short on money, i'd wait a bit to buy the next version, though, as it should be somewhat arround the corner, or buy the major release for 5 bucks, that buys you several years of updates. it also fils your heart with joy for supporting a starving artist
    Hey Peper, after this long time, I've found a suitable skin for the Eagle rouge's wing. Can you make it uses the Snow owl model?
    yes! :D

    well its about the archmage model

    can you change the horse's skin into white, like flesh white? and give it some unicorn horn, I really don't know what kind of color and texture your gonna add with the horn so yeh its up to you :P

    and lastly, its attack animation. if your checking the editor right now you will see a fire-like spell coming out in his staff right? can you change it and make it look like the ones in his spell channel?

    and that's all, I just read some old warcraft 3 lores about the archmage before blizzard released the alpha stages so I'm thinking if this is a good shot in my map, thanks in advance! oh and good luck with your exams :)
    Wew :eek: kirain blom di abandon... Minta model albatros tapi animationnya pake amination druid of the talon bird form :D oh iya,peper punya akun idgs free ga?
    Actually it was a problem on my end, i changed the texture path to "Textures\" rather than deleting the whole thing "war3imported etc"... thanks so much for all your help!!!
    Btw, Peper do you had the model with you? I wanna take a look cuz I took a look on the geoset merging and animation transfer section and would like to try it out myself. But don't cancel the request first cuz I'm not sure if i can handle it just yet.
    Yeah, but it needs something...
    I think, showing the skeleton's body at the left would be more descripting the icon, for now, that's just looks like a human soldier with something in his helmet, and a skull behind him trying to scare him off
    Edit: you haven't made any changes to the first and second icon, have you?
    Or control magic?
    Charm also a good choice
    But, that's just me XD
    Btw, take refrence for the skull from your avatar
    Phase shift - auto-cast/active
    Locust swarm - ultimate/active
    parasite - auto-cast/active
    Tornado - ultimate/active
    silence - active
    Volcano - ultimate/active
    incenerate - passive
    lava spawn - active
    The blade looks great, but, it still need some 'sharp' looking on the edges, and...
    Where's the handle of the blade?
    The skull now looks like he's smiling :(
    But the effect on the both icon are greatly improved
    I'm sorry if my review is a bit harsh or doesn't match with the real icon review...
    From what i can see...
    the skull need more realistical feeling, and try to specifized the 'glowing' thing beside the skull
    i also can see that you want to add the 'scary' feeling into the skull, i think it's better to add the glow more scarily (search the internet for refrence)
    for the dagger, the 'poison' is not 'poisonous' enough, search the internet for refrence, and i would like to suggest that you 'sharpen' the blade a little, now it's just look like a newly forged blade
    Erm, not sure about it. Maybe could i have two version?Weaponless one and with weapon one? Btw any suggestion for weapon?
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