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  • Happy Birthday!

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

    . . . . , . ., . , . ,. . . . .
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    . . .|~~::~.~.~::~~| . . .
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    Oh nice, congrats man! Yesterday I found out that I made it into uni so we both have good news!
    coba di cek,ini kesalahannya di bagian apa,kok pas ane test,gak berhasil/gak jadi modelnya di world editor
    Membuat Potrait model itu gimana?
    Bingung nih, yang potrait langsung dari modelnya[pake kamera magos]
    Main di Garena nggak bro?
    Oh ya, bagaimana Cara memindahkan kepala unit yang dipindah lewat Geoset Merge [dari tutorial anda]?
    kenapa pas ane udah tambahin geoset entalings root ke model sentinel statue ,kenapa warnanya pas sayabuka lagi jadi putih,dan pas di test di map editor hasilnya kotak hijau
    Yeah pretty much.
    Good luck with that man, tell me if you get through. I don't think you'll be screwed, you might just have to look for a different way to get into science. Like for me school wasn't working out for us anymore so I've had to home school. but I don't know what its like in Indonesia so I can't give you much advice in this case I think :/
    Man I've had some experience with bad curriculum's I know what its like, it really sucks. Yeah dental tech is expensive but I can pay most of it off during the course since its like an apprenticeship I can get paid for it because I'll be working while in training.
    kalau cara mempersatukan doddads dengan doddads gimana????
    atau membuat model doddads
    Makasih, ane berhasil sih buat model, Hanya aja modelnya kotor, texturenya Paladin modelnya Footman :D
    There wont be much free time for me though unfortunately, I'm doing full time. What I'll be trying to get is a diploma of dental technology, which is different to a dentist. Dental Technicians make bracers, crowns, bridges, false teeth and that sort of thing.
    Yeah I am probably busier now then I ever was, I might only be able to check in here once every few days. My grades aren't anything special but I'm going okay for now, I can't wait to be done with school work; I feel like its been too long. I know uni will be harder but at least its in my area of interest, and I'll be able to make friends ( which is a big deal for me because I'm so isolated xD )
    I'm home schooled cos we live out in the country and we're poor and that way I can go to work whenever they need me. I'm not doing any exams at the moment but I will soon.

    Good to know you still want to do modeling, I'm not very good with ideas on where to start though sorry. Yeah I remember your helmets, I don't think they are lame though, its a unique idea.

    So hows your schooling going?
    hey man, If you don't mind, could you please send me a link to download MDLVis? Sorry if I bother you too much
    I had open the texture with model editor, then i use your intruction, but doesn't change a bit :/ :/
    The model hasn't changed a bit :/ :/
    I has set it ( EDIT \ Properties ) Then I change from 90 to 88 :/ :/
    Skin is easy and fun, but wrap it is so damn crazy :/ :/
    No I just make Attachment models....
    Well I'm not exactly in school anymore, I'm sort of homeschooled. But I'm in my last year now, so I think I'm 12th grade.

    Yeah I noticed Ampharos's account logs on sometimes too, but it might be his family or something.
    Damn... why does such things happen to her... I also hear that Grendel is pass away too. They both are amazing persons :(
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