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  • Hey its my birthday in a few days, and we would like to know if you could come over for the celebration. Its on the 5th of january.
    guild quests are completely different from side quests. There are only 7 guilds in the game, I've began all of them and I've never run into other guilds by doing them. A few of them are secret and very hard to find. In morrowind you had to finish at least 1 guild to continue in the campaign. If you've finished the game without even finishing any guilds, I'd say you've missed out on most of the fun in the game...
    I'm 100% sure, I looked it up. So have you finished the main campaign or the companions?
    yes that is fine.

    comon man don't ruin the game for me, I'm still going to finish it. I'm just having some problems with my sound at the moment.
    I'm not doing anything on wednesday.

    My brother says that he wont be here the whole week so he wants to know if you could come over today since its his last day off.
    I got a table tenis bat, and a packet of chocolates. Thanks for the card and chocolates.

    Also if you havn't already used your movie voucher, I have one too so maybe we could see a movie together sometime. And it lasts until the end of next year so theres no rush.

    What did you get?
    Yep. I kill everything in the game in 1 hit, even the elder dragon; so I don't have a problem with anything. In the beginning though I hated those mammoths, just for their massive amount of hp.

    So do you have any screenshots? Just so I can see your armour and weapons or your discovered areas on the map etc.
    You need to find them and do their missions, they are the best missions in the game. The first one you should join is the Companions guild (warriors) they are located in Whiterun. Then the thieves guild in the town of Riften. And then you might like the Dark Brotherhood (assasins) but they are hard to find because they are a secret guild.

    If you can could you show me some screenshots? :D
    Ok. By the way my computer is broken, it freezes every 5 minutes, and the only way to restart it is by pulling out the power plug. It may be a virus, but my antivirus isn't picking up anything.
    Sorry I had to work today from 6am to 1pm. Tomorrow is good, so you can come on tuesday. If you bring your pc, you don't have to bring your monitor, mouse, keyboard, or the wires; I've got that sorted. You just need the box and the monitor connecter thing.

    But we won't be doing much computer because we have a special chore that we will have to do first. Mum says that you can come at 9.30 so we can finish it earlier.
    and remember to not leave your pc on for too long, or your power bills will skyrocket.
    I kinda meant the difference between the units.
    What is different between the Firebat and the Murader?
    Well burning Zerg and spending time with Zealon.
    Its really hard to read red text on your fire background. :/
    Well Zealon is gonna be a Predator for the project and he will chase around villagers.
    Do you want to be a marine or a firebat hunting down some zerg?
    yes you can come, my brother has some new games you we can all play with multiplayer.
    You sent 10. Yeah its annoying about the stats. Sorry I was doing skyrim the whole time.
    You mean the project?
    Its doing ok, but I had to renew the thread for it, but it was really overdue in the time.
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