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  • Well depends on the request.. Lay it on me and if it's out of my capabilities, just post it on the requests forum and I'm sure someone will help you.
    I realize that to fix this you are going to have to set each variable like E_Chest to an array so that you have one for each player. Using the same variable will cause problems with which player is using what. So do to each variable and set them to an array of size 2. Then fix every item for player 1s items to E_Chest (1) and player 2s to E_Chest (2). I hope that works. If not I'll make you a better version of the system that works with 2 players. Good Luck!
    Ok I got the time to look at it and I don't see whats wrong... I tested the map and player 1 worked fine but I couldn't test player 2 because he's on the other team.
    I'll get that fixed and working by tomorrow, I'm pretty busy at the moment so it's going to take about 1 day when i get the time.
    If you want you can send it to me and I'd would love to fix it for you! I'm just glad to see that someone likes my system.
    Well for some reason it was taken down :(

    What is it you need help with? Do you want me to send it to you or something or just want some help with it?
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