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  • Sorry,but can you give the models and icons you use for starcraft frenzy?
    I want to make some starcraft maps that have ai and i think the models you use are really good.

    PD:sorry for my english,i'm spanish
    In order to use this system, create the following variables:
    cam_angleOfAttack (Real)
    cam_camUnit (Unit)
    cam_checkDist (Real)
    cam_distance (Real)
    cam_tb (Hashtable)
    cam_timer (Timer)

    By the way, this only works for Singleplayer.
    Do you want a multiplayer system?

    To set a unit as the center of the camera here:
    Set cam_camUnit = YourUnit
    Custom script: call Camera_Start()
    /* System by The_Witcher. Modified by Magtheridon96 */

    constant function Camera_GetDelay takes nothing returns real
    return 0.25

    constant function Camera_GetNormalHeight takes nothing returns real
    return 300.

    constant function Camera_GetAccuracy takes nothing returns real
    return 50.

    constant function Camera_ExtremeAccuracy takes nothing returns real
    return 10.

    function Camera_hideAll takes nothing returns nothing
    local item i = GetEnumItem()
    if IsItemVisible(i) then
    call SaveBoolean(udg_cam_tb, GetHandleId(i), 0, true)
    call SetItemVisible(i, false)
    set i = null

    function Camera_showAll takes nothing returns nothing
    local integer id = GetHandleId(GetEnumItem())
    if LoadBoolean(udg_cam_tb, id, 0) then
    call SetItemVisible(GetEnumItem(), true)
    call SaveBoolean(udg_cam_tb, id, 0, false)

    function Camera_isPointPathable takes real x, real y returns boolean
    local item i = CreateItem('wolg', 0, 0)
    call SetItemPosition(i, x, y)
    set x = GetItemX(i) - x
    set y = GetItemY(i) - y
    call RemoveItem(i)
    return x < 1 and x > -1 and y < 1 and y > -1

    function Camera_iterate takes nothing returns nothing
    local real x = GetUnitX(udg_cam_camUnit)
    local real y = GetUnitY(udg_cam_camUnit)
    local real angle = (GetUnitFacing(udg_cam_camUnit) - 180) * bj_DEGTORAD
    local real cos = Cos(angle)
    local real sin = Sin(angle)
    local real rz = 0
    local real z = 0
    local real checkDistance = Camera_GetAccuracy()
    local real distanceDone = 0
    local boolean check = true
    local rect area = Rect(0,0,0,0)
    local location loc = Location(0,0)

    set x = x + checkDistance * cos
    set y = y + checkDistance * sin

    set distanceDone = distanceDone + checkDistance

    call MoveLocation(loc, x, y)
    set z = GetLocationZ(loc)

    if RAbsBJ(z) > RAbsBJ(rz) and distanceDone <= udg_cam_checkDist then
    set rz = z

    if not Camera_isPointPathable(x, y) then
    call SetRect(area, x - Camera_GetAccuracy(), y - Camera_GetAccuracy(), x + Camera_GetAccuracy(), y + Camera_GetAccuracy())
    call EnumItemsInRect(area, null, function Camera_hideAll)
    if not Camera_isPointPathable(x, y) then
    set check = false

    if not check and checkDistance == Camera_GetAccuracy() then
    set distanceDone = distanceDone - checkDistance
    set x = x - checkDistance * cos
    set y = y - checkDistance * sin
    set check = false
    set checkDistance = Camera_ExtremeAccuracy()

    exitwhen (not check and checkDistance == Camera_ExtremeAccuracy()) or distanceDone > udg_cam_distance

    call MoveLocation(loc, GetUnitX(udg_cam_camUnit), GetUnitY(udg_cam_camUnit))
    set x = GetLocationZ(loc)

    set z = Atan2(x - rz, 200) * bj_RADTODEG + udg_cam_angleOfAttack

    call SetCameraField(CAMERA_FIELD_TARGET_DISTANCE, distanceDone, Camera_GetDelay())
    call SetCameraField(CAMERA_FIELD_ANGLE_OF_ATTACK, z, Camera_GetDelay())
    call SetCameraField(CAMERA_FIELD_ZOFFSET, GetCameraField(CAMERA_FIELD_ZOFFSET) + x + GetUnitFlyHeight(udg_cam_camUnit) + Camera_GetNormalHeight() - GetCameraTargetPositionZ(), Camera_GetDelay())
    call SetCameraField(CAMERA_FIELD_ROTATION, angle * bj_RADTODEG + 180, Camera_GetDelay())
    call SetCameraTargetController(udg_cam_camUnit, 0, 0, false)

    call EnumItemsInRect(bj_mapInitialPlayableArea, null, function Camera_showAll)

    call RemoveRect(area)
    call RemoveLocation(loc)
    set loc = null
    set area = null

    function Camera_Start takes nothing returns nothing
    call TimerStart(udg_cam_timer, 0.03125, true, function Camera_iterate)

    function Camera_Stop takes nothing returns nothing
    call PauseTimer(udg_cam_timer)

    function InitTrig_Camera takes nothing returns nothing
    set udg_cam_angleOfAttack = -5
    set udg_cam_distance = 300
    set udg_cam_checkDist = 300
    set udg_cam_tb = InitHashtable()
    call CameraSetSmoothingFactor(1)
    You should join the group PRS. It's a group of filipinos from the hive. I'll contact the admin for you. :)
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