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    Importing on ROC editor

    Aye, that's how we used to have to do it. Manually set the path for whatever model or icon or whathaveyou that you want to add on the object that you want to use it, and then import the file to the map using WinMPQ. Bear in mind that when you open the map in WE later and save it, it will...
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    Berserk with damage taken reduction (not increase)

    So, more to the point, I tried the same modification you wanted, Zorykos, at one point, and had the same problem. To the best of my experimentation I found that negative values never worked right for me. A couple very good solutions to the problem involve triggers: A) Trigger a caster unit to...
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    Neutral Hostile not attacking?

    Have you tried attack-move?
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    Custom Color on minimap

    Uh? Did he ask for that? LazeR-X, how did you change the color? Did you change the color of individual units, or did you actually change the player color? I'm reasonably certain that you can accomplish your goal by changing the player color, because I seem to remember successfully doing it...
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    Gold Mines

    It sounds like this: Entangling a gold mine requires that the unit doing the entangling is rooted. Usually this is a Tree of Life. If the Tree of Life unroots the entanglement is lost. Perhaps you have the Haunted building built by a human worker unit. If that's the case, probably the...
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    Regardless of where, logically, it may have attachment points, in order to know for sure you must really open the model up and look at the list of attachment points to be sure. War3Viewer and YobgulS are tools that will help you do that, to get started.
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    Does the unit model you're attaching it to have that attachment point? Try changing it to "overhead" and see if you get anything. If you don't, the model might be corrupted. Where did you get it from?
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    Reputation: (Post) Way to be detailed!

    Reputation: (Post) Way to be detailed!
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    In order to figure out what you did wrong for #3, we need a much more detailed explanation of exactly what you did. Start with where you got the model and cover every step and detail of your process to the point where you tested the map and it didn't work.
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    Increasing bounty?

    Actually, that's probably the only way to do it using the existing bounty system. The other viable option is to scrap using Blizzard's bounty system and write your own using floating text. This would allow you to grant whatever you want as a reward for kills.
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    Escape map revive system

    Instead of picking every unit in the map, use "Pick Units Matching Condition" and set the condition as "Matching Unit is a Escaper" or whatever unit you're trying to snuff.
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    Special Effect - FireWork

    If you are keen to use a flying unit as the target of the special effect, then the best possible solution is to find a model that has both A) no visible parts and B) a position reference. The problem with most models is that they have body parts, which you don't want. The problem with no...
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    Damage on an ability equal to Hero damage + X?

    Unfortunately, I know of no way to get the hero's damage in order to use it in a trigger. You can, however, fake it by making a formula that matches how the hero's damage is calculated. (base damage + (number of dice * random number between min and max of dice) + value of primary attribute +...
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    Shiny gems!

    Pardon me, but that's among the dumbest critiques I've ever read. Whitey, these are very snazzy. I appreciate the depths you've gone to in order to make it a cohesive aspect of the game.
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    Woods Lore - mini RPG

    The map has been re-released! Bugs in the advanced difficulty modes that were introduced by 1.18 have been resolved. Finessed some terrain. Spent some time on cameras and changed the storyline from narration to character-stated goals. Play, enjoy.