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Last Activity:
Apr 15, 2018
Mar 6, 2006



Sadly i lost the unprotected version long ago. The last unprotected version was 4.5. http://wc3.nibbits.com/maps/view/125776/ Aug 15, 2017

Panik was last seen:
Apr 15, 2018
    1. Panik
    2. Deenia
      Hey i was wondering if i could get an unprotected version of kodo tag, me and my friends play LAN every once in a while but the last week we have been experiencing crashes, I'm confident in know what is causing the crashes and i just need to edit it. It will ONLY be for the use of changing this trigger and will not be distributed to anybody else.
    3. Koalovoice
      Could you send me an unprotected Version of your Kodotag 6.2?
      Im making my own version and i just wanted to look up some of your triggers.
      Of course im going to give you credits.

    4. Aesthetics
      Hi there,

      Did you quit the Wc3 scene or what? Tell me!
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