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  1. Howling Fjord

    Howling Fjord

    Utgarde keep in Howling Fjord
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    Hello explobomb I have seen many of your models and your photos of your creations are unique, no person made models of things that you do like the Ogrons, genesaurs, direhorn among other things I wonder if you will continue creating models of the breakers like the Gronnling , the Gorens and the...
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    I already know where to find the best draenor models !! I'll be looking forward to Gronn's model
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    Comment by 'Panasdafa' in media 'Storm Serpent'

    Sooo epiicc where u find the storm serpent model??
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    Nagrand Template (Wod)

    Yes i did it I am very new to making and publishing maps I will try to fix that error
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    Nagrand Template (Wod)

    Thanks, it was an old map that I found and I thought about uploading it, I think there should have been improvements but at the moment I don't think there will be any other similar project
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    Nagrand Template (Wod)

    My apologies, it was my mistake, I was not aware of it, but now I put the respective credits :)
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    Nagrand Template (Wod)

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    dale dale cualquier cosa disculpa las molestias
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    Comment by 'Panasdafa' in media 'Arakkoas'

    Sii me encantaria me recontra serviria en especial si tienes el pack de rise of the horde porque estuvimos 4 meses buscandolo en foros rusos y no encontramos nada XD
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    Comment by 'Panasdafa' in media 'Arakkoas'

    Hola stein! te queria preguntar si tenes los modelos de la foto ya que con un amigo nos gustaria usarlas para un risk de draenor ya que hemos encontrado algunas pero la gran mayoria por no decir todos nos faltan de los que hay en las fotos si por alguna razon encuentras y nos las pasas te...
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    Otro mapa de Warcraft III (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Nagrand Template (Wod) (Map)

    Nagrand Template (Warlords of draenor) Map made it by: Panasdafa MODELS CREDITS Mephestrial WebSter Tamplier777 Kitabatake Rondo Belgarath Solu9 eubz HappyTauren kellym0 Draknyte1
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    Tilesets limit

    Hello, does anyone know how I can put more than 1 tilesets (terrain) to edit in the world edit? I have the newgen already but I don't know if I have to press something to activate it because it only leaves me 6