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Mar 1, 2012
Jun 16, 2008

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Mar 1, 2012
    1. ike_ike
      Yeah, the Bamboos look pretty awesome. I'm using a graphire, which got replaced by the bamboo, and even that's alright. Basically, the Bamboo's the best amateur tablet around.

      Just make sure you don't buy one that's too small. A5 and up should be good (6x8 inches). Anything Wacom is great.
    2. Soul Theft
    3. PowerBerry2
      Hi, can I use some of your skill icons ??
      gonna use them for my Remake Suggestion.
    4. KelThuzad
      Well I get ya. Let's see what we cam do.
    5. The Panda
    6. KelThuzad
      Well, let's look at it that way. Maybe we are not the only ones who are not satisfied with the current modecy...?
    7. KelThuzad
      Well thanks, man. You look like a good guy too. And, I really appreciate what you do (The WIP changing thingie). I actually, was doing the same thing, also recommended to replace some of my re-made icons. Some people didn't appreciate it, but who gives a s%@t, we Improve the world! :) Although, some people learned from it alot.

      Well anyway, I was once recommended as a mod (By Zombie, were good pals at those times), I actually was going to become one, but sadly (MAYBE sadly, maybe not), I went to the Mallorka this time, and didn't have time for the "Becoming a Mod task" which is to comment, rate, and help people with the icons as much as I can. But I failed and didn't become one, and dropped HW for long time.

      And now, about us. We really have the potention for the iconing, we like to do it, kinda like to help people with the skills, and want to. I think it would be one of the best decisions, I think I'm gonna talk to one of the mods.
    8. KelThuzad
      You know what, man? We should become Icon mods. Or at least you. We've got some experience, some good ol' icons, and we've got time to help people with the artwork.
    9. KelThuzad
      Her?! Oh that's bad.
    10. KelThuzad
      Oh, and man, your Icons are totally freaking awesome, I'm no compare to you.
    11. KelThuzad
      What the hell is wrong with the new Icon moderator? He seems strange to me... and he approved an icon that's the same from my tutorial... how long was he a mod?
    12. Joe-black-5
      heh forgot you cant get post count there ^^ my bad
    13. Paladon
      Ne, hatte zwischendurch ne Neuformatierung :/
    14. Paladon
      Okay, so langsam wirds echt cool!
    15. Paladon
      Na hoffentlich ist es dir doch nicht ganz so egal.
      Wäre schade bei der am zweit- bis dritt-öftesten gespielten map.
    16. Paladon
      is G-E-I-L :d
    17. Anachron
      1st.) Dude, talk in englisH! :D You can get up to -25 rep by speaking german via vms. (I got it by RUI)
      2nd.) Looks nice.
    18. Paladon
      Ist klar.
      Aber das sieht doch schon nach was aus.
    19. Paladon
      Ist irgendwas?
    20. Paladon
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