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Last Activity:
Aug 14, 2015
Dec 6, 2007

Awarded Medals 1



Paladon was last seen:
Aug 14, 2015
    1. anarchianbedlam
      ill be on chat for about 15 minutes, come on in :D
    2. A]mun
      Hi there, great icons you've made. Hm yeah just wanted to say Hi^^!

    3. Palaslayer
      send mir mal nen screenshot mit dem tank, den du drauf haben willst oder ein großes bild, weil ich kein wacraft 3 mehr habe.
    4. NFWar
    5. Palaslayer
      guden, schau mal in meine gallery und sag mir ob du wünsche hast. was soll noch so drauf? ist das konzept ok? usw..
    6. zadelim
      Can I have a request?
      Can you make the Reflection of Light for v1.24 above?
    7. Rmx
      I shall proove my existence, as one of the great philosipher said :

      If i think then i exist.

      ( a dream can think of walking eating swiming ext.. ) But thinking is thinking.
    8. Kingz
      No problem at all ;)
    9. Kingz
      You should update your spells on THW, some of them are using your PGS which isn't working due to H2I function.
      Replacing it's calls with return GetHandleId() should work.
    10. Paladon
      <span style="font-size: 26px">What you just did.</span>
    11. Paladon
      <span style="font-size: 26px">Don't dare.</span>
    12. Kingz
      It is sad that THW no longer have your Endless Chain system, what hapened to it?
    13. NFWar
      Just this? No scene? Well seems like it is kinda hard to give sugestions when you dont know how map is... well, nevermind. (Everyone answer on last question always)
    14. NFWar
      Hello, how are you? Working on something? I want just to share news.
      I am making zombie survival map. It become too imbalanced and I have problems with how to make zombies to jump over windows. Using edvanced missile system with bullet traectory that ckeck Z, giving ability to heroes to jump in windows, this map will not be boring. I am disconected from internet and beng freaking angry, because I am w8ing for it 4 days. I want to make preloading screen to this map, but have no idea from what to start can you give me some sugestions?
    15. NoMoreChallenge
      Hi, Paladon I need your help. How to edit your spell "Rooting" to non-channeling spell.

      Thanks in advance! :)
    16. anarchianbedlam
      sorry, ITS COMIN! but its also finals week, im workin on it whenever i can
    17. Palaslayer
      kinda funny. you are still active, while I am not. ^^

      I need my pc being repared, so i can use the tablet. damn!
    18. anarchianbedlam
      :/ iono about dark, but it's using the goblin amo dump as a texture, i think i may simplify and try to optimize it too. you dont need to see the bottom of it at all do you?
    19. anarchianbedlam
      HEAR IT IZZzz.. ! \(:D)/
    20. Joop03
      In you spell "knocking back shockwave" i cant find the documentation.
      Can you say me pls, where it is ?
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