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    She quits modeling!

    This topic is completely inappropriate. *LOCKED*
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    New rating system suggestion

    And how exactly do users get rated?
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    mozzile firefox or microsoft internet explorer

    Firefox is not slower and is definitely better at protecting you from viruses, spyware and adware, but if you have the proper protection then IE is just as good as Firefox. Personally I would go with Firefox (or Opera) because of tabbed browsing and extentions, but if you like IE then stay where...
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    Hero Ideas Needed!!!!

    No this is not a contest. This belongs more under Off Topic than any other forum. *MOVED*
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    New rating system suggestion

    The only problem with your idea is classifying those who are respectable and who's not. There has to be a way to decide who are respectable members without leaving anyone out. Thats beside the point that the chance of Darky ever getting around to doing this will take who knows how long.
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    New Section idea ?

    So just because some Wc3 players play WoW we should a section for it? I ply Grand Theft Auto, maybe we should a section with mods for it also? WoW and Warcraft III are totally different games. If we were a Blizzard games site then maybe I would say yes, but we aren't, so no WoW section...
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    Important site poll

    I don't think everyone understands what VG is really saying. Currently the site allows the uploading of any resource, free of practically any restrictions. Unfortunately, this means that we also get huge amounts of resources that are basicly unusable because of their low quality. What we are...
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    New Section idea ?

    Definitey not. Besides the fact that we're a warcraft III site as blade mentioned, we are also pressed for space.
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    >>>>> 2 Backdoors found in WE Unlimited!!! &l

    There are no viruses on any files on this site. Your antivirus must think that it has av irus because of the way it is written. Just ignore it and you should have no problem.
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    Ideas for profiles

    You could always write your specialties in the occupation part of your profile, a seperate section isn't really needed.
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    Registering System

    There is no such inactivity system. And if you want to leave then go ahead, there is no need for you to be here. Next time you have a problem email a moderator or administrator instead of violating the rules.
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    I know this topic will fade...

    Actually I am a bit of a fan of his music, and although what he said wasn't the smartest thing he's ever said, 50 cent is a bit of a genius when it comes to making money. There are so many other rappers who have very similar styles of music, but he was able to make himself one of the top sellers...
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    This is starting to piss me off .. .

    No, it has nothing to do with cookies. Like Mecheon clearly said, it has do with taking too long to post something, there's a time limit on posting.
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    Topic Revivals

    Besides for the fact that some threads can be revived (which will be made more clear in the coming rules section), when you enter a thread is its close to the bottom of the forum or not on the first page, chances are that its old.