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  • Yeah, I also think it can be done but it is way too epic to keep the motivation and do three good night elf campaigns. You could (and would) release the campaigns seperately but what I always I hate is the feeling of an unfinished project.

    Especially if you are beginner to mapping I would try to do something much smaller. It would built up your confidence for future projects.
    I've played both as well, and they're awesome, especially since I can't make such triggering and variety in the game-playing, i'm straight-forward at best. Actually, I've been thinking of making WotA. :D. But my command on triggers is unsatisfactory at best, and WotA is... well... epic. I have all the character set-up, chapter flow, terrains idea, etc. thought out- though I've not set anything up, and was thinking maybe, following your line of projects, WotA could be done. :)
    hmm, could be much less than 6 six months, who knows? I just say that because I want to have some space inbetween projects, and my next project isn't going to be for WC3. If I decide to do a fourth campaign it will be for SC2.

    Also, I got an internship as a level designer within a german company, so I'm doing this professionally for the next couple months. I'm not sure how that is going to affect my mood on doing additional work on a hobby-project like TLG...
    ohkay then thanks. so bout 8-12 months? i got no idea when that comes out lol. any other future projects on mind?
    hey its me agen umm, iv tried 2 of th campaigns uv made (Lord of the Clans, Day of the Dragon)
    and i was wondering if u have anymore on ur production line? the gameplay is great and the storyline acurate to the books so yea.
    r u thinking of making a campaign for Night of the Dragon or Rise of the Horde? they wud b great. thanks for ur time and please reply.
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