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  • Oh thanks god! Finally someone on this freakin bloody site who recognized my avatar after 1 and half year since I am registered here!
    quick, take my avatar and a quote and put on your avvy and quote C:

    lill revenge for social groups wipeout C:
    Sunken Ruins?

    Well, you could go with the generic story of an adventurer entering some old temple to find treasure. Still better than no story.

    Or maybe a failed archeologist seeking ancient statues to become famous. This is probably a better idea. The main task would be to find a highly valued statue(which you will in the last level) but you could add a side mission which includes six super secret levels which are hard(hard to find, or just a hard room) but optional, each rewarding with 1 piece of the Super Secret statue which gives some bonuses, possibly just a little better then something you might buy in shops. Then, when you have all 6 you combine them into a super statue thingy or something like that.
    funny yet creepy comment... thanks though!
    because I am afraid of criticism :D (you should enter chat)
    I'll ask around for material when I feel the map is in competition stage. I believe I'll soon make a thread in Map development, you can learn more there.
    Not necessarily with HL models, but you could take some ideas, like escaping a combine prison. You could also add characters like the GMan(named differently, but similar characteristics or something). In any case, just build another maze map as I'm sure you'll do wonders. :)
    It was a temporary state until I installed this one, which is from Opposing force again.

    I had EXACTLY THE SAME avatar a year ago, which you're using now.
    Well, if he implies the new tax, we will have to pay money worth a week's family vacation to Russia.

    Then, no matter how much I don't agree with the protesters who do as much damage as our government, I'll go fucking protesting too.
    Your anticipations on Bajnai so far proved to be correct. He will imply a tax on houses, follow the news articles on "1%-os Ingatlan adó".
    Reputation (+1):
    (Post) Hey! wow why hav'nt I've heard of this?!? this is a pretty nice map!! I am so hosting this on Garena! Good Job!
    Yes, our governments always sucked ever since... Mátyás or so. Our people simply value their own wallets compared to the country's needs. Either because of the foreign opression or the negative international situation, Hungary was never flourishing ever since.

    Good night.
    I'd prefer to keep a neutral opinion on him, unless he fucks up as his predecessor did. Though it's highly propable, I don't believe Orbán can change shit into food either.
    If the Romanians, Indonesians and Bulgarians are allowed, I don't think anybody would prevent us from using our national language.

    Also, we need a good name.
    I hope that by saying "Feed the Combine Advisor!", you don't say "+rep the Combine Advisor!".

    :grin: :thumbs_up:
    Since you got most of the votes, including mine, you're in. Welcome and thanks for your interest. I hope you're active. Actually I'm also making a demon race. It should be ready at the end of the week or even earlier prolly. We can... hm, compare our work? ^^
    I see you are looking to get into the Race Creators group :p
    So, what requirement are you vouching to accomplish? Modeller, race creator, triggerer, etc.? Send me an example of your work when you can, or if you've already submitted something acceptable to the hive, send me a link and I'll be able to judge you from there ;)
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