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Jul 31, 2010

Awarded Medals 2

Home Page:

      I have painted the elementaTD banner for their site, now its different i guess they removed it. http://antonmagdalina.carbonmade.com/projects/2494254#3

      I have not tried to get into game studios yet, plus, 2D artist is a very narrow field in game and movie world.
      I will try to get somewhere when I get some free time from my current work.

      I use "anything on everything" to get the result I want, after studding all materials and chemicals, I know what mediums and techniques I can use together.

      Use oil paints on wooden board, Masonite board is best. Acrylic use on anything!
      Because Acrylic is cheer than oil and water-based you can start a painting with acrylic and, when it is dry, paint with oils on top of acrylic.
      but(don't paint acrylic on top of oil, the acrylic will flake off)
    2. Koola
      how would watching a show a little girl does make me a man....?
      You honor me.

      I work for http://www.operationajax.com/ not a big company, but im getting there.

      Used to work on ROTHE with Daelin when he was around, but that was 6years ago.
      And I have done banners for elemental TD
      A fuckton of icons for BlackRoad
      I think DOTA is using 1 icon for a tauren.
      and countless small projects

      It is an honor to be here and help people.
    4. The Weird Human
      The Weird Human
      You up for a game today?
    5. The Weird Human
    6. Vunjo
      well it's just for fun. I don't ruin someone else's feelings or make him sad by this kind of trolling you know :P
      I am an artist. and like to help people.

      Because the icons take me very little time to make I still post them up.
    8. Vunjo
      cause I can
    9. The Weird Human
      The Weird Human

      Love the avatar.

      Well the rest of the group still not online.........whats your username?
    10. The Weird Human
      The Weird Human
      Attention: The Tournament will be held today (May 23 2011)

      Location: Game Ranger

      Game: 3v3


      1. Skirmish Thunder Lake
      2. Azeroth Grand Prix
      3. Anything you want.

      Time: 1:00-3:00 pm


      1. Proper Connections
      2. Maps
      3. Players

      The following players are required to come:

      supertoinkz, Ampharos_222, Alain.Mark, Adiktuz, mischief123, Orcnet, and others that have already registered at Game Ranger.

      Teams will be discussed depending the quantity of players have arrived.
    11. -Kobas-
      I presented my project to admins and Ralle really liked idea and how things look like.
      Contact him directly or administration, it's up to you.
    12. Koola
      *ahem* you are a dude right.......
    13. Koola
    14. Frostbiter
      Today, you learned how to spell: congrats!
    15. DEAD FiSH
      DEAD FiSH
      lol i wrote rainbow instead of twilight. XD
    16. Koola
    17. Apheraz Lucent
    18. Apheraz Lucent
      Apheraz Lucent
      I found one too ^^
    19. Koola
      forced to join???? how can you be forced to join a group on hive/
    20. indomitable1319
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    Home Page:
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    another donut
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    StarCraft II Account:
    space donut
    XXX, XX 200x - Inside Great Hall
    AUG 1, 2010 - Became a Peon
    XXX, XX 2011 - Became a Grunt
    NOV 28, 2012 - Became a Raider
    JUN 04, 2013 - Now a Wisp

    People who hate SWAG #SwagIzLyf4U


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