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    Snowland Woman (Texture)

    Hi everyone and Merry Christmas! I'm doing my map in snowland decoration and what i see? All neutrals in lightclothing - this is bad! Snowland very coldy! And now i reskin vilager woman and give furcoat and gloves. Enjoy this or beat my face with you feedback and critics :) P.S. Sorry for bad...
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    Snowland Woman (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    Glamor Knight

    wow. Desert barbarian!
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    Footman, Captain, Spearman

    OMG, this is beatiful!
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    Woodland Structues

    Waaah, guy, what i can say, besides this AWESOME! Ideal matching for my swamp ruins map! Very thx!
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    The Moon Warrior

    Wow, this is really cool! over 9000\10
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    Heart of Storms: Resurrection

    What now? Maybe, someone news?
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    Hi, sir Direfury! Lok-tar Ogar! May i ask you do model for my project?(Me pretty much need...

    Hi, sir Direfury! Lok-tar Ogar! May i ask you do model for my project?(Me pretty much need steampunk fantasy style dropbot(landing capsule), please?
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    Done, thanks! In next time i promise give all information in advance :)
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    Uh-oh, my momma says me - study english, this is be need in life, but i'm didn't listen((( But if this is be proof, then: Aaaaaand permission in Skype: If this is not enough, i'm ask her post permission in tumbler
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    Sure. How i may do that? Maybe, post her workout sketchs or ask her write permission and post her tumbler? (Sorry for my bad english, this isn;t my native language. If you want proof - please, say how i may do it ^))
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    Yep. I asked her for upload, and she answer - sure!
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    Girlie (Icon)

    Hi, guys! My friend art this icon for me(and for this is model - Villager Kid Female ) and give me permission upload her in this site. Maybe this is be useful for you? Author in this icon - my friend and good artist Idonthaveanynickname If you want say "thanks" for her, may do it this topic...
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    Girlie (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    Farmer (Warcraft 3 Texture)