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May 30, 2006
Apr 1, 2004

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May 30, 2006
    1. Aliguyon
      hello, just asking for help...

      for example i opened an .mdx model in mdlvis,
      tried to rotate its arm,
      and i notice the vertices connecting the arm to the body moves just slighty,
      and as you rotate the arm 360 degrees, those vertices seems to be closing (i mean those vertices moves closely to each other until they hit each other)..

      that for me is vertex weights, and every .mdx(mostly human-like models) from warcraft's mpq makes that scenario..

      if thats not vertex weights, then what is that? if you wont mind...

      some told me that it can be because you can assign a vertex to more than one bone...

      can i use mdlvis or milkshape3d or magos model editor, to assign a vertex/vertices to more than one bone???
      or there are other apps i can use???

      can you pls help me with this???
      Thanks for attention. :)
    2. Vakama_Lynx
      I'm a big fan of your tools keep it up please!
    3. Starcrafter
      can u pls make a mumakil model and release it but if u alreD made 1 and bcoz its in the mumakil model request and i downloaded it,there was nothin' there!
    4. Callahan
      It's Oinkerwinkle!!!!!
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