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Last Activity:
Jan 9, 2017
Nov 14, 2004
Poland - Land of Glory ; ]


User, from Poland - Land of Glory ; ]

Norinrad was last seen:
Jan 9, 2017
    1. JokeMaster
      Hej norin widziałem że robiłeś modele dla Great Troll war mod.I mam takie pytanie jakich animacji używają Chief harraxe i Axevielder?
    2. havard1993
      Isn't norin rad the silver surf
    3. MogulKahn
      Can u make more dwarf and panda models?Plssss u are best modeler for pandas and dwarfs!!!!!
    4. MogulKahn
      Norinard?How can i make for ram rider 2 be invisible?Hes like shadow i cant clik on them and make more panda and dwarf models!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. North Star
      North Star
      Haahah, Omg wow! I just started picking up designing heros again, college has no room for WoW and I got bored of it, so I got back into wc3 now and then. I saw some of your upgraded work! I like it! Sorry for the late reply, I forgot about looking in my profile >.< !! Haha.
    6. FrIkY
      Hi, I'm just passing by... I saw that you're online, so I just wanted to tell you that I'm using your Pandaren models in my map, Pandaren RPG and to tell you that you're awesome! [IMG]
    7. Sheephunter
      Hehe, Can you make more panda models? I got some ideas.
      Mabye Some Doodad, like roof, wall, door, Etc :D
    8. North Star
      North Star
      Hey Bud, haven't talked to you since our try at a Camp. Haha. How have you been?
    9. AntoMarc
      I <3 all your models. good job!
    10. KsatriaKOPI
      agree! the great norinrad! nice models,especialy i like ur panda's model hehehe i use ur panda's model at my tree tag map as heroes. would u create some archer panda someday? ^___^
    11. Misha
      quite a bunch of great models i must say. =]
    12. -Atlantis-
      Norinrad nice models i will use one of your models that is - Skullspiter Troll based on blademaster for my Blade Arena.
    13. Palaslayer
      HighElven_Unbroken - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site

      sry but can u give me the names of anims and what they do for this model of yours? or is there a way to look that up?
    14. Soade
      Why cant I use your models?
    15. crownedcarlos
      hi iom new to this modding buisness,i saw your (Highelven_Unbroken) looks really sick.so i downloaded it.tried to put all the pieces together but when i load the map,the lower half of the body is missing as well as his arms?could you plz help me out?
    16. Verdun
      Do you ever read your messages?

      anyhow, I started moddeling and now I could finsih the first models by animating them. Whenever I post them I will make reference to you as the original creator. Thanks.
    17. Knightmawk
      your work is good, your models especially, love the gnomes. would like to see more non hero gnome units though, maybe like gnomish pikemen or something, i suck at modling
    18. Verdun

      I really love your work, but let's get straight to the point:

      I'm not only a fan of your models, but I'm also USING them. MOST of the models I'm currently working on are based on your gnomes and your machinery.
      I just started modelling and I haven't posted them on any forum yet. Now, my question is:

      1) do you allow me to post them?
      2) in which way do I have to refer to you if posting them?
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  • About

    Poland - Land of Glory ; ]
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Feel free to edit any of my models you guys ^^

    MDL - editing and stuff
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