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Sep 28, 2011
The even worse maps factory
beeing stupid


Useless pile of GUI waits, from The even worse maps factory

I am here again! Nov 7, 2018

    1. xAerox
      I see, changes made :) Thanks yea! :D (Texts @_@)
    2. xAerox
      Hey, would you think "Divine Shadowfear" would be okay as the dragon's name?
    3. Ralle
      I deleted this post:

      In sc2 first the path-finding AI is 30 times better as there is power-fuller computers and the technology improved and second the units push each other so for example if you had an giant robot ten times faster than others instead of trying to double the units it would push them increasing their speed also the units collisions sizes are better chosen as the units you want in front are smaller than in wc3 where you want your bulky and slow units in front who give enormous problems because the others units wants to double them giving tons and tons of trouble so generally the units the players wants to be in first line should be the fastest one and small.
      You are not helping the guy at all by talking about SC2 in his WC3 thread.
    4. Heinvers
      Well, that a great job^^ keep em' going.
    5. Heinvers
      Make stupid maps
      That's funny.
    6. GreeN!X
      It's nothing really. It wasn't a hindrance in any way.
    7. Roland
      Is this your little brother died of a road accident or suicide? Answer = Cool! :D
    8. Shanghai
      are you still doing wc3 maps mate?
    9. Jay the Editor
      Jay the Editor
      Oh sorry. As I was very busy with new school life, I couldn't make any updates to my map. Besides, I actually take my map as a failed map so I deciding to delete it soon. I'm going to distribute to anyone interested. I'll try to create a much better map soon.
      Thanks for being so supportive. :)
    10. Skycraft
      Of course.
    11. Skycraft
      no my avatar is "The Avatar" from "Dungeon Keeper 1"
    12. Sverkerman
      "You did not played alone in the dark?
      If you played it you would suddently find Dualism not terifyng."

      This is very conserning to me. I did not play "Alone in the Dark" but that doesn't give you any right to judge if or if not my current project "Dualism" is going to be scary.

      If you wanted to implement the feeling that "Alone in the Dark" is a scary game you did it in a very bad way, saying that my map wont be "terifyng" just because you played a very scary game doesn't make sence to even the dumbest of human being.

      I've played Amnesia which in my opinion and many other's is the scariest game out on the marked today. Even tho I've played this game I am fully dedicated to make my map so I can't really see your connection.
    13. eubz
    14. sentrywiz
      Meh dota-copy based maps fail in general. You'd have more luck making illogical lanes in a huge map and name it "fast hack-n-your-head" arena :P
    15. noob
      Soon I will be banned cool!
      I hope it will a permanant ban.
      I missed.
    16. Solidus Blitz
      Solidus Blitz
      well i assure you, i didnt steal any fucking ideas. thats all.
    17. sentrywiz
      Dang well I hope all is fine with your remake
    18. MasterHaosis
      noob, :cgrin:
    19. sentrywiz
      No doubt. But it might also be worthwhile.
    20. sentrywiz
      I'd love to see that map
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    The even worse maps factory
    beeing stupid
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Silver Hand
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    I hate battle net so I does not play starcraft 2 versions who needs internet connection
    I am the noob come to reduce the quality of the maps

    flaming,trolling, making bads maps,the metooism,spamming,saying false information


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    Signatures are automatic spamming and so I always have one for spamming and making the forums worse.
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