I've been a gamer since before I can even remember. Games have been my life, Warcraft III being among them. I spent day and night learning it all by myself, but despite my pride, I still knew, -know- very little. I seek to change that now.

I'm quite a open minded person, finding it both a pleasure and an honor to see the perspectives of others, or at least trying to. From a young age, I understood very intimately what forgiveness meant, despite what horrors upon my mind my fellow class mates unleashed. You could call me a survivor, as even my birth was a bit of a miracle. My mother had her tubes tied, -and- she was on the pill, yet still she managed to become pregnant with me, and had me, a healthy boy.

A strong sense of justice as well, I grew up on movies and shows of heroes doing good deeds, and wanted to be like them. But not just the knights in shining armor - for heroes comes in many shapes, in many forms. I sought to be like them, my imagination has run wild ever since.
Sep 6, 1991 (Age: 30)
WarCraft 3 Realm
US East
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