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  • oh yeah, herp de derp, forgot about that, mindlessly doing homework for the past 48 hours screwed my brain up
    Even if i pass it through BitInt, its much too large to go through Packet, would i have to split it up?
    Than how would i obtain the ASCII value of the BitInt for decompressing on the save/load? :\
    Hehe. I will never be able to understand anything.

    set bI = BitInt.convertString("Test", 26)

    call print(I2S(
    call print(bI.toString())

    prints out like...

    11 4 16
    [03-29-58] muzzel: 0xp3ngu1n5rul3d4w0r1d
    [03-30-16] Nestharus: muzzel, ??
    [03-30-16] Nestharus: that's nothing, lol
    [03-30-26] muzzel: oh plz <<
    [03-30-45] muzzel: 0xn35th4ru5suck5
    watch closely
    Hey Nestharus, I have watched all of your video tutorials so far and I've learned a lot! Thanks for taking the time to do them. I loved em!
    another stupid noob question, why cant I store dest's into globals..

    integer i = 'B00R'
    integer id = 1
    destructable array d[1] = gg_dest_B00J_003
    destructable array d[2] = gg_dest_B00R_0033
    destructable array d[3] = gg_dest_B00U_0034

    its only the array variable that gives error.
    this is definitely not my field of expertise...

    local BigInt bI = BigInt.create(Base["0123456789"])
    ///call TriggerSyncReady()
    set bI = BigInt.convertString("ABZ", Base["0123456789"])
    call print(I2S(bI.toInt()))
    call print(bI.toString())

    is thread crashing
    well first of all I2S() returns 0 when i try to use it on my string which was why i was trying to figure out how to sync strings

    And im still trying to figure it out. I was able to sync one integer fine but ran into (above)

    set this = allocate(i)

    What exactly does this function... do... it allocates the first two and puts them into the Stream?

    read(0, 0)

    and judging from Stream, this loads the data at offset 0 for player 0 (red)?
    Im afraid either you misunderstood what im trying to do or I have misunderstood the functionality of file

    set s = (
    call print("Begin")
    call print(s)
    set i = S2I(s)
    call print(I2S(i))
    on my screen will print

    Begin > 9j29fj239ja9jf > 0 > 0 > 0

    on a friends screen will print

    Begin > > 0 > 0 > 0

    now i want to sync that string and send it to my friends computer.

    (Im almost positive im using File wrong :\ )
    Current activity : Doing stuff somewhere. hmm

    Anyway, sorry if im bugging you too much, but you kind of just made the system a few hours ago.

    Im trying to use Network to synchronize the load code because if I print my retrieved code it will print correct to me but nothing to another player's screen. I2S() doesnt help at all. I've been trying to look at Stream and your example on File I/O but I'm totally unable to wrap my head around some of it.

    Little hint? :p
    thanks, and wich type of variable can I store it into? integer does not work for me
    Hey just got a little problem, I want to detect wich event fires a trigger but I am not sure on how to do this. this is what I got atm

    Player - Player 1 (Red) Selects a unit
    Custom script: set udg_t = GetTriggeringTrigger()
    Custom script: if t == TriggerRegisterPlayerSelectionEventBJ then
    Custom script: call ChangePlus()
    Custom script: endif
    Yay. :p. tyvm

    Also, why did you cut out Requires UnitIndexer?

    I'm unable to compile it without un-commenting that line :|

    I dont have a 32-bit machine :\

    I have my 2x 64-bit laptop and desktop and my parent's 32-bit (but its their work computer and they would strip me dry if I attempt to download anything on it)
    you give me your cold/fever/whatever and i give you the inability to run LUA codes. :D
    Well that makes me feel like a can of air freshener.

    anyway, i have to go to bed so, best of luck :\ would kinda destroy my map if I cant import it
    It cant be just my map.. to make sure of that I pasted all of the functions onto a blank map and it gave me the same error. I guess I'll try that

    e/ same error except with ObjectMerger instead of FileExporter
    oh. thats just one trigger. i got lazy and i did a for enumUnit

    i believe the specific is "Dungeon" under "Custom Systems"
    I saw :D

    except not only did your fever come over the airwaves and onto me, I have alot of h/w + you still have my map so itll be quite a while untill i get to play with it :(

    (no rush, i can barely get out of my bed, let alone type on this laptop :\ )
    just saying thanks, your setting up newgen video actually fixed a error I had, I think am ready for some basic vjass now. thanks
    If i get a free chance i might try to make the system IsPlayerLagging. Not the most useful thing ever, but a good first resource i guess? :p
    I thought the original version of data sync worked perfectly but was just too slow for your personal requisite :) Grats though.

    Just shoot me a VM on Friday and I'll get you the latest map. Although I'm not travelling, my family is hosting so we're decently busy cooking, cleaning, etc. so i doubt ill get much more done than what i have right now
    I'll do some work on the map while your "recovering", just PM me if your feeling better and up to the task.
    Hey, i know your busy and all, but I cant really get any work done on the map when you have it :\
    I was, before i took a hiatus, but seeing as your being close to finishing localized saving (correct? :) ) I'm just going to work on my map untill that, than get my save code optimized, than transfer that over to a GUI version.
    Could you tell me the easiest/ fastest way to learn jass not vjass (dont ask why)
    I have read most tutorials here on the hive so I know the basics. The problem is that there is no list on functions that also tell what it does
    It will be slow because it will contain lots (tons) of loops and I2S and S2I function, isn't it ?

    I will tell of what I thought:
    I could save an array data like this "[1,3,5,2]=1001005/" and then do a string search for the value between the character "=" and "/"
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