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Feb 2, 2019
Jul 10, 2007
Jun 1, 1989 (Age: 29)
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Semi-Here, 29

Nestharus was last seen:
Feb 2, 2019
    1. Magtheridon96
      I haven't given a single resource a 5/5, so any resource that deserves a 3/5 but was given a 5/5 is totally irrelevant to me :P
    2. Starquizer
      In most of your systems, you sometimes set variables to "0x", I know that is a HEX but how can I use it within functions. For example, the function CreateUnit how can I use HEX for the unit id, or in other words how do I know the HEX number from the ASCII one.
    3. maddeem
      yo man do you know how to sync local data to all players?
    4. Magtheridon96
      We may soon start following this "Graveyard-in-1-week" rule.
      Except, we're probably going to go for 2 weeks.
    5. claptomanic
      sorry for saying that but either youre the master of nerds or you really love to code ;D being professional like that in a hobby is really crazy ^^ being good okay but coding the worlds fastest qsort for example is just crazy nerd shit ;D no offend ;D
    6. claptomanic
      okay O.O

      hey just a question....is it just a hobby for you or do you work as a software engineer or something similar? because you code and coded things complicated as hell.
    7. claptomanic
      im sad to hear that....your systems/snippets were very good and useful everytime.
    8. claptomanic
      hey nes :D

      just wondered how far your process with the i/o saving is. would be nice to know ^^

      greetz clapto
    9. Ralle
      Hey Nest. Would you mind reposting your SC2 galaxy code stuff to the galaxy section? :)

      I am working on making a highlighter for SC2 code. Maybe you can help me with the different types of tokens.
    10. Lambdadelta
      I demand you suggest me a list of anime to watch (again because I've forgotten it) :3
    11. Magtheridon96
    12. Magtheridon96
      I have just brought it up for discussion with the staff.
    13. mckill2009
      That's so funny coz your TimerTools for example is 15% useful than T32 and 40% than TimerUtils (that's my own opinion) but it doesnt stop me from using those...
    14. mckill2009
      I dont like this >>> "when using safety, safety must be optional" and "superior to current resources". coz I like the resource must be SAFE...one resource maybe 20% better than the other but that doesnt mean it's crap...
      I dont like the group name of resource also, 'framework', 'snippet' coz it's the same >>> a system!
    15. Maestros
      Eveyrthing works great now! Thank you very much for taking the time to help me, and if there is anything i could do now or someday for you, please let me know!
    16. Spartipilo
      Amazing Tutorials about vJASS. Thanks a lot!
    17. Maestros
      Can you please tell me what "clean out your registry" is and how to do it?
      I have reinstalled wc3 in the past because something bugged and editor would crash all the time, and since then, maps dont appear like "maps" but with a blank icon... maybe i should clear this.. can you tell me how?
    18. Maestros
      my AV is disabled... baasee recommended i used the next version 5e, but that one got me new troubles... i dont know, i was doing simple scripts and not only it would error me, the whole thing would crash, and the map i was on would be corrupted... jesus..
    19. Maestros
      I don't know why you're RtC folder isn't showing up. It sounds like you modified something.

      I just did a fresh instead of jasshelper on a machine following exact steps from tut and have 0 issues (I didn't get cohadar's jasshelper though).

      I did it again and didnt add cohadar jasshelper, same thing the menu doesnt appear... the rtc folder exists in the directory though.... just the drop menu doesnt appear..
    20. Maestros
      I donwloaded the pack, extracted it in wc3 directory.

      - DL 0.A.2.B. jasshelper
      - DL this from cohander
      -DL Horus

      Then, i extracted everything and then imported them where you said, in the jasshelper folder and in the tesh.

      But if i may, in step 1, i move some jasshelper exes in the jasshelper folder, which replaces the ones that were there before.
      And later, i do the same, and i replace the ones i placed myself in the first place.
      Isnt that kinda.. vain?
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    Jun 1, 1989 (Age: 29)
    Home Page:
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor
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