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Last Activity:
Nov 22, 2020
Feb 5, 2012
Jul 2, 1994 (Age: 26)


CAPSLOCK Warrior, 26, from Phillipines

neo_sluf was last seen:
Nov 22, 2020
    1. Mad
      Cheers :D
    2. kola
      Sure ! And I'd like to check it out too once it's finished :) just send me a link or the name when you have the time
    3. CloudWolf
      Hey dude! Happy for you to use any resources I post on here :) Everything is open-source so knock yourself out!
    4. Mad
      Sure, go ahead :)
      Could I've a link to the game? I'd like to check it out :>
    5. Novart
      use it ofc. Generally if u will need some special icons, i can make em if eventually find a time.
    6. -Berz-
      Sure go ahead, its a free source anyway :)

      Good luck
    7. Aliguyon
      hello, do you know this scenario

      i opened an .mdx model in mdlvis,
      tried to rotate its arm,
      and i notice the vertices connecting the arm to the body moves just slighty,
      and as you rotate the arm 360 degrees, those vertices seems to be closing (i mean those vertices moves closely to each other until they hit each other)..

      is that vertex weights???
    8. Hemske
      Yeah sure. I'm just glad to be of help. At least if it is a non-profit game.
      However, I would like credits, but please do so with my real name rather than my nickname in that case. I can send you it in a PM.
      I would very much like to check out the game though! So please send me a link of it if it's already out there and if not yet; let me know when!
      Best of luck with your game.

      (also, let me know if you would like the icons without borders as well, or in higher resolution or anything like that)
    9. Ralle
      Hello neo_sluf,

      If they have no license on their stuff and are non-responsive, they might as well be dead. Do whatever you like, my only wish is for you to give credit (as you said).

      You have my blessing at least.
    10. The Panda
      The Panda
      Where is this game located? and yes if you give credits you can use em.
    11. Sin'dorei300
      Yes, u have my permission to use 'em, just give me credits. :)
    12. Cokemonkey11
      I'd like to see your commit history on a version control system before I test again
    13. Cokemonkey11
      The main activity says hello world and spawns the game activity PCB_menu
      The profile activity doesn't have a scrollbar although there isn't room to draw all the necessary components
      The profile activity has a "menu" button which spawns a new menu activity, rather than activating the existing one on the stack
      All I can understand is that you lose if "Battle Power" goes to 0. None of my cards affect the enemy's battle power, and two of them reduce my own.
      I can't see the enemy's battle power
      Every time you press "Start Battle" or "Continue" it just spawns a new activity rather than returning to the old one on the stack. If you press the android back button you can see it popping the activity stack over and over.

      Overall the game is barely coherent and still unrefined. You have a lot of work to do.
    14. Cokemonkey11
      It's free. You need it.
    15. Cokemonkey11
      use this opportunity to teach yourself good management habits. Are you using version control?
    16. Cokemonkey11
      hi, i'd be happy to alpha test your card game ^^
    17. bethmachine
      Do you want to join the project cause I have done half of the terrain already? If you do tell me so we can discuss it.
    18. Orcnet
      Merry Christmas :wgrin:
    19. StoPCampinGn00b
      I thought you were leaving. lol.
    20. Amargaard
      Yo! Check this out! Joining the event this year? :D
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    Jul 2, 1994 (Age: 26)
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
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    3 Years Map Making

    Warcraft Map Making


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