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    Vampirism Earth 1.8.5

    I noticed a few tooltip errors and poor grammar. Aside from that, this map is just a poor copy. There are better Vampirism variations out there, don't bother with this one.
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    Demon Invasion v1.8

    I just looked through the map, and Demogorgons reincarnation seems to be working as intended. And the ent model was made by Darkholme, and can be downloaded in the model section of this website. Ancient Warrior - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site
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    Demon Invasion v1.8

    He's only supposed to reincarnate once. In some of the older versions, he kept reincarnation forever. But in v1.8 his reincarnation has a 3600 second cooldown, meaning you have an entire hour to kill him. If you played a version prior to v1.8 I apologize for the inconvenience.
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    Demon Invasion v1.8

    Yeah, the game becomes a bit too much late game. I'm not quite sure how to give it the final touch it needs, so I've stopped working on it for now. I appreciate your feedback though, and I'll keep the ress thing in mind. : )
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    Demon Invasion v1.8

    I just looked through the triggers, and the revive trigger looked fine. I tested it afterwards, and the 350 gold is subtracted as intended. I have found a few causes to why it might appear not to be working; 1. The gold is reducted when you revive, not when you die. If you expected it to get...
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    Demon Invasion v1.8

    [/]Why didn't you added some custom spells? Creating them is very time consuming, and I have no experience making them. I might make a few here and there in the future, but it'll be when I'm done balancing the game properly. [/]Why didn't you added some custom icons? Some heroes have a...
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    Demon Invasion v1.8

    Hey foo : ) ( That sounds kinda funny, actually :P) That sounds great! If you feel like giving me some feedback, I'd appreciate it. I still have some way to go with this map.
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    Frenzy of The Undead 0.65

    Have you found out how to get the icons working? Otherwise I might be able to help you out. And if you were referring to me, I haven't tried to open the map. Have you considered putting in barricades, by the way? They could help a lot ^^ I see you've updated the map. I'll give it another...
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    Frenzy of The Undead 0.65

    A better preview picture would be nice. Right now the map just looks like an empty forest, which I think scares off a few players. The skills icons weren't working properly, they both displayed green squares when my level wasn't high enough to learn them. It would be nice with some instructions...
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    Unholy Invasion v2.2b

    My sound bugs when playing this. It might be on my end though, I'm not sure. I just wanted to let you know.
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    SMotA v1.00

    When you decided to name the map, I guess you didn't have particular name in mind, so you just made it dota esque? Considering how close the layout, gameplay and name is to dota, couldn't this map be considered a (albeit well made) dota copy/ripoff? *Note: I'm not here to bash the map cause I'm...
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    I just tried hosting your map Warhammer Castle Defence 3 times, but whenever I click on it on...

    I just tried hosting your map Warhammer Castle Defence 3 times, but whenever I click on it on the map list, my game crashes.
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    Samurai Builders 1.9

    I looked through the triggers in the map, and found this: Team 2 Movement Events Unit - A unit enters Team 2 Battlefield Spawn <gen> Conditions (Owner of (Triggering unit)) Equal to Player 8 (Pink) Actions Unit - Order (Entering unit) to Patrol To (Center of...
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    Pudge Wars The Reborn v1.2

    What kind of game is this? A better description would be nice.
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    Demon Invasion v1.8

    That's good to hear :) Be sure to tell me what you though about it!