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  • Oh forgot to throw this in the PM:

    "So you mentioned doing a custom race along with the custom campaign. I'm kinda curious to see how other people handle the Trolls (racial characteristics, unit archetypes, common & divergent ideas, etc), given that I've devoted a lot of time to a study of that field. What's your race looking like? And do you get messed up by stuff like this like I do? :p"
    ...I have an older project of a troll normal-like campaign (full new race)...
    ...(right now, Troll 75%,...
    Did I hear someone say 'Trolls'? :p
    You've been working on some recolors there, pal!
    I've began recoloring too, check my album if you're interested.
    What about the smoky murloc attack, the non-burning Leoric icon, and the Lich King icon?
    Those three are pretty much my favorites.
    Can I also take a look at that new burning archer icon as a screenshot?
    You see, I have no Warcraft.
    Sorry if this is too much.
    I actually want to view your pack of resources.
    Got any screenshots?
    (I'm just very curious to see it! You can take a look at my custom icon collection where there are no such icons in the Hive! It can be viewed at my Random Collection album)
    Welcome to the Hive and with enough practices, I can assure you that you will be able draw icons from scratch on the future as what most icon makers do.
    Reputation (+4):
    (Bundle) (+4) Do not feel down with the comments here and try to improve and maybe in the future, you can completely draw icons from scratch.
    Oh and also! People can't see what you answer when you write it on your profile. You must click "View Conversation" and answer there or open the other person's profile and write a VM (visitor message) there.

    And don't worry I did the same thing when I joined -.-' Hive's VM system is a little bit weird until you get used to it ^^ And that message box here is confusing too :/
    Okay. Then good luck! And also don't reply to yourself! Post visitor messages on the users you talk to:) Have a good day!
    It is the last of them, not adding any more. I might work a bit on them 'though. Currently planning to edit the fire skeleton, probably editing red lightning too. I'm no icon-maker, it's just what i came up with while working on my campaign.
    Reputation (+3):
    (Post) My message is not directed to you only so don't worry about it. Perhaps I'm too sensitive.
    Why soo many recolors? U could change more on them. Please work more before posting them!!!
    Don't upload too many recolors. A few is fine... it creates more work for the mods and you risk all your icons to be disapproved :X
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