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Last Activity:
Sep 16, 2012
Jun 14, 2007
Dec 28, 1991 (Age: 29)
Home Page:
Austin, TX


Map Maker, 29, from Austin, TX

nargaque was last seen:
Sep 16, 2012
    1. KillXUnknown
      Should add -unstuck command in SMotA?
      Bcoz if skin toss himself to cliff
      It will Stucked there
    2. Tortured Souls
    3. druidefuzi
      Can i have the Global time stop spell pls?
    4. brusz
      hey nargaque r u going to get online on azeroth?

      it says the clan will expire if you dont get on soon
    5. i_mOck_death
      lols useless profile post
    6. nargaque
      Official SMotA Forum:
      SMotA discussion can be found here. This is more organized and much preferred to commenting on the map download page here. (smota.tk)
    7. nargaque
      Please keep the Smota conversation to the group or to the map's own discussion page. HarblMan only posted here because the group wasn't working for him. This is not only for convenience; it can become confusing to have many discussions going on simultaneously in different places by the same people.
    8. i_mOck_death
      or u could just make it a passive thing like u gain 7 agility 7 strength 7 dmg and 5 armour and a extra 5 agility/strength/dmg/armour each time u lvl it
    9. HarblMan
      Off the top of my head, I think making it so he loses the bonus stats when he dies would make him balanced. This gives you a way to prevent him from becoming strong, forces the Hydra player to play well.

      But for a totally new skill? Hmmm...

      Mutating Growth

      The Hydra Hatchling's rapidly growing body will respond quickly to dangerous situations, causing different mutations to protect itself. Gains temporary bonuses based on the Hydra's current situation:

      +4/6/8 Agility per second while moving. Ends after 3 seconds of not moving.

      +0.5/1.0/1.5 armor per second while being attacked. Ends after 3 seconds of not being attacked.

      +2/4/6 Damage each time Hydra attacks. Ends after 3 seconds of not attacking.

      +4/6/8 Strength each time an ability targets Hydra. Ends after 3 seconds of not being targeted.

      Something like that might be cool. Still passive, but the player needs to actively do specific things to maximize the effects of it.
    10. nargaque
      Yeah let's definitely change it. Have any suggestions before I list my own?
    11. HarblMan
      It won't let me post in the group thing for some reason, so I'll send you this here.

      About Hydra:

      I suggest either replace Hydra's ult with something less passive, more player skill rewarding, or have Hydra lose the bonus stats upon death. I don't think the rate of gain is the problem.

      The problem before was the catch 22. If you don't kill him, he became stacked without the need of farming strong items, but if you kill him enough to deny him gold for good items, he became stacked anyway.

      Now, the problem is... he becomes stacked, passively, nothing you can do about it. Simply lowering the amount he gains is not going to work. Either it will make the stat gain irrelevant or it will still be enough to make him carry.

      What I'm saying is, he's just so foolproof that he's imbalanced in comparison to other late game heroes. Normally, carry heroes must be well farmed and played carefully if they are to carry to late game, to reach their potential. This is the main balancing factor of late game heroes. They can be countered by putting the pressure on them before they become strong. Sorry if I'm stating the obvious, but Hyrda's current ult disreguards this balance. He will always become strong late game even if he can't farm items.

      So anyway, my suggestion for Hydra is either make him lose the bonus stats on death or make a new ult for him.
    12. TheImmortalOne
    13. TheImmortalOne
      For those who are interested in nargaque's map SMotA, here is the link: SMotA - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site
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    Dec 28, 1991 (Age: 29)
    Home Page:
    Austin, TX
    Current Project:
    SMotA, BattleShips Pro
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US West
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    Kirin Tor
    Mathematics, Chess, Writing
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