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Last Activity:
Jan 29, 2017
Oct 16, 2013


What?, from Hell

Not giving a fuck Jan 29, 2017

nambo was last seen:
Jan 29, 2017
    1. nambo
      Not giving a fuck
      1. deepstrasz
        Sep 1, 2017
    2. nambo
    3. GreeN!X
      Oh, hallo, Welcome back I guess...?
    4. Bernkastel
      To answer all you people who have limits of being unable to press a few buttons on the site, you could find this

      Sorry. we aren't. Sorry, nedio-kun. I owe u a bunch.
      To all members, nambo has decided this project'd be dropped.
      All thanks to these people who talk blindly using flaming without basis.

      Don't worry. I asked Ralle to delete this thread.

      ''Be proud mongrels! U can only win a war using numbers and rough discrimination without proof!''

      Now, sayanora. Tanashi-desu! Mainichi bakemonowo osobii-te.
      Another ignorant brat succesfully removed from the blighted face of this world.
    5. ILH
      nambo, konichiwa :cgrin:
      wohoo, japanses haosis xD
    6. CarloImperio
      Uhmmm am fine huehuehue.
    7. Levdragon
      It's Christopher Lee playing Charlemagne in a music video, yeah I agree it's pretty awesome :P
    8. I_am_Death
      maybe it's not protected :d
      've you seen it? Maybe it contain resource you want, yeah? :D
    9. matt5556
    10. matt5556
    11. matt5556
    12. Jake the Dog
      Jake the Dog
      Can u help me with stuff? Cause you're good at des..t..ry..in thread n stuff.
      Here u go:
      Man, I m scared. Kowaiii~
      Give me more. He he.
      I hr......dly respect you btw. An outsider. XD
      Hahaha, looks like someone couldn't take the truth and had my comment deleted. Nice move there mate. And you know, I'm as much as an outsider as you are here in hive and even in your thread. So calling me that as an insult will not work. :)

      If my comment was deleted because it was 'flaming' or it was unrelated to your map, then whatever, I was only saying what I had in mind of your nonsensical behavior towards other members of YOUR team. Anyway, good luck on YOUR project. I hope YOU still finish it and release a playable version on the net and kudos on making such a wonderful plot for your map. :)

      ~From your best friend, Jake The Dog.

      EDIT: Oh my, the sarcasm tag broke. I wonder why...
    13. GreeN!X
      nambo, you do know I'm hospitalized right? I haven't been gaming or modding at all for the last 7 days. Please be a little more patient.
    14. Jack Of Hearts
      Jack Of Hearts
      I'm extremely occupied right now, sorry if I haven't had much activity as of late. School's finally finished, so I should be more active hopefully.
    15. Statharas
      You should really calm down, if this thing goes out of hand it's going to snowball you down.
    16. Hell_Master
      Seriously, dude. I am trying to cheer you up and calm you down yet you respond to me negatively, what is your problem? I am here as a friend protecting you yet you let me down.

      I wished every good outcomes for your project even if we know your team harmony as you call is falling apart and yet, you insulted me by responding negatively to every good VMs I respond to you. I just reported your thread for clean up to remove the negative and flaming posts there and it wont even hurt you and yet you accused me of Flaming and joining it? Remember, nambo, please do remember that letting this flame slip will not do it, by reporting it will do the job.

      Right now, you are just reporting peoples who are your team member who are just using their freedom of speech to say what they needed to say and yet you restrict them for using their freedom and you use too much of YOUR freedom. ( I now understand why they complain to you, I am just being blind on what they are trying to convey)

      What is the use of befriending me when you are just gonna let me down even if I cheer you up when you are feeling hurt on all of this flaming?

      This VM does not aim to flame you but to advice you as a friend, if you still treat me as a friend, you will understand what I am saying here but if not, you've just shown how of an inconsiderate person you are.
    17. Rheiko
      no, i didn't enter the team for fun
      i joined because you ask me, and i already warned you.. i'm a busy guy
      even for one task like that which supposed to be finished in 1-2 days takes weeks or months maybe to be finished because of my business
      your friend want to help, they don't mind to help you but you don't want them to help you.
      if you just don't want to trouble your friends and consider them as a team member then order them around, is it a true friendship?
      i do apologize if i make you angry
    18. Rheiko
      my apologies nambo
      i don't think i can work for you as a member
      but i can help you as a friend
      and like i said before i'm really busy, i'm trying to finish the task you gave me before
      so, if you want to fire me from the team.. i don't mind
      but i'm really sorry if i can't help you as a member
    19. Hell_Master
      Okay then. But I will still comment maybe if I got suggestions for the map and such things. Maybe that is allowed?
    20. Hell_Master
      Okay then. Calm down.
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    Scarlet Crusade
    A stupid uneducated asshole who lives off his parents. Fuck work.
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