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    Sunken City v2.2.7 is released!

    Alright me and my mate need some help. We are are in middle of the map where there is first 3 circles, followed up with 3 strong towers and a circle after that. When you enter the circle the towers get destroyed. After that you are supposed to light 3 fire north of the gate right of the towers...
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    2P Campaign: NightElf 04

    Found a bug. You dont gain the other heros aura. For example my mate didnt get range damage aura from Potm and I didnt get the thorn aura from Prophet.
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    2P Campaign: NightElf 01

    I played this quest again but on insane now. It is possible but we had to use wisp to constantly burn his mana to 0 so he couldnt use shield. Also attack during the night for surrender him and make them invisable would also make it easier for us to complete the quest.
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    2P Campaign: Orc 08

    The game crashing every time after the cinematic at the start of the game and wc3 quit for one of the player. We tried to skip the load but it doesnt help either. Mostly it happens when we going to click on the great hall, but it also happened when you click on a move action for the first time.
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    2P Campaign: NightElf 01

    Have someone finished this map on insane? Played all other Night Elf on insane which we handled rather easy. This first map though is impossible against level 10 paladin.
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    Thanks for so many entertaining hours for me and my friend! Im also very happy that Gismo took...

    Thanks for so many entertaining hours for me and my friend! Im also very happy that Gismo took over the project to try to complete it which he is doing a great job with. Would love to see you, Gismo and Mqvablood finish the last 2 maps on NightElf and TFT Campaign.
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    2P Campaign: NightElf 05

    Thats sad cuz people who do this deserve something. Its like buying a a new game to have several of enjoyable hours of gameplay.
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    2P Campaign: NightElf 04

    Yes what I remember its the same thing on all maps. When you do the bonus objetiv and main objetiv the result will show that you havnt done them when you finished the map. Im not even sure why this even show since it has absolutly no impact further on in the game. Not sure what you meant with...
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    2P Campaign: NightElf 04

    So far the chapters has been well done. Only common bug is that there is no stats record on the objetivs you make (says u have done 0 of everything). However this has no matter in the game, just something we noticed so far. Barely handled through them on insane except the first mission of Night Elf.
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    2P Campaign: NightElf 01

    Sent gold bug Player 2 cant send any gold. Works fine for player 1 to send to player 2.
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    2P Campaign: NightElf 05

    Guys I would realy be on to gathering money to donate to Gismo or whoever would complete the TFT 2p campaign. So many hour of awesome enjoyable time of playing with my freind. Tell me if more would like a simular idea.
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    Completing the Campaign?

    Found out about the 2p recently and playing atm the Undead campaign made by The Spoon. Though I dont find much of new threads lately, thats why im courius if someone will complete the Night Elf + last campaign of TFT? Im haveing a realy nice time playing this campaign with my mate, keep up the...
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    I would realy be intersted if someone can go on and do the complete NightElf campaign, also the restoring campaign of TFT. Im atm playing the undead campaign with a mate, made by The Spoon.
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    2P Campaign: NightElf 01

    The Camaigns has been very awesome and I would be so happy if it would be fully completed. You are awesome!