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  • Heya buddy!
    Sure I'd like to play some games occasionally.
    I've recently also started streaming Warcraft 3 & modding, so I'll probably look for some games during my stream time.
    See you in the discord chat! :)
    Hello Captain! :)
    Do you like some of my Altered Melee maps? Would be great to see YOU in our Discord group!
    I want to create small comunity to make process finding people to play my maps more easily.
    Feel free to join:
    I am in
    sorry haven't logged in at Hiveworkshop since long so late replay :D
    Yeah, It's been a while! Nice to see you!
    Its really hard to make his map balanced. Why i give Skeleton Servants degrading health "regeneration'? Because whe i test map i always have 80+ skeleton army with a lot of Brutes and etc. Besides, no one forbids you to hire Death Knight - with "Unholy Aura" Skeleton Servants become nearly permanent.
    Why i add the Gates? Because enemies of Naxxramas can rush you just from start (4vs1). I tested a lot of, and always Gates opens with first enemy attack on Obelisks.
    "guarded by more powerful towers maybe" - maybe
    At the moment i really don't see importance to make Naxxramas more powerful - i can win as Naxxramas player, but to be honestly im not a really good player :)
    "is it possible that we both could work on a similar to this soon?" - why not? :)
    But first i'm gonna make my already uploaded maps more balanced. As i see Blackrock Mountain is OK, but i have headache from Naxxramas balancing.
    I played with my brother over a LAN, since I cant host by Garen or Arena.
    Im working on Nax update, but i need a time for testing and etc.

    (By the way, if u want, i can send for u new beta version of Nax)
    Im working on it man :D. By the way i'm really pleased, that somebody get fun from my map! U also can check my second map - Blackrock Mountaim (really a lot of fun when play against friednd)
    Hi MrStormyZ,

    Yes all my campaigns connect to one another. They go in the following order:
    - The Adventures of Rowan the Wise
    - Jeopardy for the Horde
    - Resurrection of the Scourge
    - Malfurion's Quest
    Yup. Added - awaiting your confirmation
    Oh hey man its been a while, btw I kinda left the news posting thingy a very long time and somehow Azothan got some remarks of his videos from Ralle and Archian.

    How are you? I've been pretty much just staying back on my map moderation than before.
    Hi there! I noticed that you asked about Story of the High Elves! It's no longer in development, neither does the terrainer work on it.
    well thanks for the greeting...I hardly go online these days coz Im very busy atm, my projects is on hold but thanks for the offer, hope you'll not give up :D...
    Well im done with the 2 side quests and the main mission.I have added some elven models in the campaign archieve cause I have an idea of them helping in later plot.
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