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    Steel Saviour Episode II

    I loved it!!!!!!!!! 5000/5
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    Space HunteR (Space-Attack Map)

    wow, i loved it good old times :goblin_good_job: i have very good ideas, if you want we can work together
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    some animations need fix but your work is good 4/5
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    Vampire Tracker

    EPIC ! ! ! ! ! great mesh, natural animations, unique combination! an epic model for hws i really loved it! 5/5 just a sugestion: the quiver is moving in stand -1 an -2 i recommend to stop, but the model is yours
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    Wraith Lord

    5/5 a true reaper appears!!!
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    Kubilla the Executioner

    i liked it maybe i'll use it need to adjust the head movement in stand - 2 4/5
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    5/5 i'm using it on my map =D
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    i will use it the color concentration in game could more... concentrated 3/5
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    Frozen Shell

    i will use it =) 4/5
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    i really liked it 5/5 try to redo the portrait animations add the alternate portrait too
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    GODLIKE love it 5/5 just need to adjust a little the portrait animations
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    Slashcraft 2.1.9

    Really good! Good things will come from this map on future.
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    [Skill] Explosive Arrow

    It helped a lot! I didn't known the effect of Cluster Rockets until now. Thank you! I can do the rest.
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    [Skill] Explosive Arrow

    The hero casts Explosive Arrow, then shoots an arrow (model does not matter) at a point. When the arrow reaches the point, it will explode dealing 50 x Level of Explosive Arrow damage in 250 AoE and stuning the units inside for 2 seconds. Note: The arrow is faster than 522 MS. Can someone make it?
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    AMAZING!!!INCREDIBLE!!!EPIC!!!GODLIKE!!! It looks like "the ultimate elemental spell" 5.000/5