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Aug 20, 2017
Feb 11, 2011

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South Africa


Well-Known Member, from South Africa

Mr_Bean was last seen:
Aug 20, 2017
    1. Doomlord
      Uhm so will you take up the Ravage request? If no then I will work on it this weekend.
    2. Doomlord
      Uhm I have a question.

      Here is a custom-made Impale system by Adiktuz. Since you are the vJASS guy I reckon that you can just easily use this and make the custom Ravage.

      It is not that I am slacking off but if there is shorter route, why don't we take it?
    3. Doomlord
      I think I will be working on Ravage. But this has to wait until weekend, I have tons of tests this week :(
    4. Doomlord
      Uhm so you really think I am capable of working with you? And yeah about the requests I will check them out later but I am actually quite busy with school so I can only work for a short time each weekday.

      Thanks for accepting me.
    5. Doomlord
      Hello. I am a new member of the Hive and I am really interested in finding a spell workshop to collaborate. From my own observation it seems your workshop is kinda lacking staff so I would like to join :D

      My specialty is JASS (like traditional, pure WE JASS). I haven't accomplished anything worthwhile yet except for some quite mundane spells. You can check them out here.

      Thanks and have a nice day :)
    6. Mythic
      Hey Mr. Bean! I can help a bit in your workshop(rare, easy GUI) requests.. but some of them just want to many effects sadly =((
    7. yuganeigii
      sorry i took me so long to answer....sure you can make it in vjass...i am currently learning it right now and a complex(i think) spell like the one i requested would be a great reference just note the stuff in the codes thats changeable/editable...thnx more power
    8. TwoVenomous
      I'm not sure, but I will inform you when i can :)
    9. TwoVenomous
      Mind if i complete GUI requests on your workshop ?
    10. jolelele
      I would still like it to be done. I have no rush though so you dont have to worry about mine getting done as fast as possible.
    11. Jas.per
      1. It Can Be Hit More Than 1 Laser
      2. 2, 000 Maximum Range
    12. nafre
      It's ok, i already have that system. You can dismiss the request. I'm sorry for the trouble.
    13. Jas.per
    14. Lambdadelta
      Oh, right. Yes. But you understand the gist of it. It should be > 736 distance but < 800 distance.
    15. Lambdadelta
      Hmm. I have seen this spell before, but I can't remember where from. You want to specify a the 'distance' between the outside and inside of the ring. Enumerate all units within 864 radius.

      If their distance to the caster is > 800 then just apply a knockback to them. Add them to a 'alreadyDamaged' group for maybe 1 second (so they can get constantly knockback'd but not damaged constantly if you happen to keep colliding into them with the field).

      If their distance to the caster is < 736 (so the field has a radius of maybe 64 itself), then simply set their x/y to 736 distance from the caster (this stops them from moving outside). However, do note that certain spells that cause motion will probably override this (like Force Staff use to for DotA's Kinetic Field). Also, you can't stop Blink unless you detected who was inside the field originally and kicked every other unit that wasn't out.
    16. Almia
      sorry i failed you :((
      im a lazy one so please.
      You can post the requests to defskull's

      Sorry for your time
    17. Vengeancekael
    18. Lambdadelta
      Mark of the Shield: Buff can be any regular debuff spell (Cripple, etc). Upon cast, give the caster +MS ability and +armor ability. Use a damage detection system to check when the target is attacked, and if it's an attack not a spell. Upon attack, remove the buff and cast Inner Fire or something on the casting unit (to provide +dmg). Also create a dummy to storm bolt target. Also index the target so that when mark is concealed, he's added to an invulnerable group. Then check for closest unit and apply mark.

      Furious Slash: On cast, enumerate all enemy units within hit radius. Check if any of them has the mark buff. If so, set some boolean "stunAll" to true. Then, create animation and of slash and damage each unit. If 'stunAll' is true, also create dummy and stun each unit based on Mark of the Shield's level. Also apply knockback. Also index caster unit to some hashtable or unit-indexing struct and increment his 'stacks' by 1. Create dummy and cast Cripple (or some attack speed modifier spell) on caster. This spell should have 3 levels (5/10/15 percent +AS) and be leveled based on stacks. Also remove Mark of the Shield mark from all targets.

      Defensive Formation: Confuses me.

      Holy Army: More or less Mark of the Shield detection. Rest is easy.
    19. Jas.per
    20. Lambdadelta
      I'm busy for the next 48 hours, I'll look into them after? I'm going to a friend's 18th. Which is also a sleepover event. So I'll be back on like Sunday night =p
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    South Africa
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Kirin Tor
    I enjoy playing DotA and DotA 2. I also make maps and code spells for Warcraft III: Frozen Throne.

    Computers, DotA


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