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    My First

    Oh Sorry :P
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    Natural Environments

    Nice. ~Void~ = uber terrianer, you pwn!
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    My First

    Hi, Great work if this is your first terrain. But it's a little boring to see it from the same angle.
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    Project: Hysteria ORPG

    The dessert zone in Hysteria ORPG, are now done (with the terrian), and we are also working with the capital city, there are made some transperent houses with vendors and other stuff.
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    Project: Hysteria ORPG

    Thanks for support!
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    Cinema Terrain

    Yea like you say Bounty Hunter2, it's pretty cool, but the other pics are to dark :( . but i like it when it are day. 7/10. Gj
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    My First Plains-like terrain

    NomadicAssassin maybe you should make mor bushes, and "mountains", and more trees like a forrest.. You could also use some tutorials :D
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    Orgrimmar v2.0!

    God damn your the most pwnage dude for making terrain!!!
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    Ogrimmar v2.0 - Cleft of Shadows

    Nice!. But pretty dark :P 10/10!
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    Need artwork? Come here

    thanks dude, your awesome!
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    Need artwork? Come here

    Need a loading screen Hey Hubcool, me and a mini team of IRL friends, are making a ORPG, and we really need a loading screen, so i wonder if you could help us? Thanks.
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    Quest Update

    Hey I need some help with quest. If I kill a mob and the quests need to be chanced in the questlog, like if is goes like: You need to kill 5 tigers 0/5 Tigers killed. how can i get it like 1/5 killed?
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    Reputation: (Post) thanks for help

    Reputation: (Post) thanks for help