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  • You are from Varna, no ? xD
    Well, I am from Sofia. Glad to see another bulgarian here :p

    Nah, I quit making, due to some bugs and other things, which would take quite a while to figure them out. I gave the map to some people here if they would like to continue with it, but they said they'll check it and no one showed any interest... Also I lost motivation, tried to trigger something but I got bored after opening trigger editor :D
    Dude, what's wrong with you?
    How can you talk so agrassivamente with the guys 'BEGINNERS'?
    you are some kind of god?

    Plz say to me. ¬¬'
    Sup man?
    I am gonna leave THW for a while and i wanted to say goodbye to my friends before i do.
    Was fun discussing stuff with you and arguing sometimes, best of luck in life and may you do even better than me! :)
    Bye pall.
    Hello, they did release Open Dota v6.41b, you can search Google for more info :D
    It's not anything official, it's just an open source map, not-working, which contains organised codes, exactly like DotA (it's unprotected actually, it's not fan-made).
    It doesn't matter what time it was at, as users have different time zones. 4 AM for you, is 10 PM for me. For the west coast of the U.S., it's 7 PM. As for the personal aspect, I remarked on it, as it wasn't a direct personal issue between me and you that sparked the banned; calling me a faggot, for example, is a personal issue.
    It's not personal. Asking a girl whether or not she likes guys "fapping" to her in real life, is not appropriate for chat. And continuing pestering her about it isn't appropriate either. It's against the rules, and it's something Ralle specifically does not want discussed, or mentioned on chat, or the site.

    To quote from the rules:

    "The posting of racist, nazi, hateful, threatening, discriminatory, sexist, sexually-orientated, obscene, vulgar, drugs, or otherwise offensive material is expressly forbidden. Violators will be punished most severely."

    "This isn't that type of site. Don't talk about sexually orientated or any other obscene subject."
    Ah, one more think, why when you kill someone w/ a hook, per example, and if he/she has cast he's hook, the hook will still stay and go back to its dead body?
    You are asking why a Meat Hook even returns to the dead caster? Or you want the hook to immediately retract upon death?

    Also, why the detonator powerup stays even after death?
    Yeah, someone has kind of mentioned that, but I didn't think it was that important o_O. Because you can kaboom in noTimer quickly after respawning.... :goblin_boom: which is kind of pointless yes X_X. I'll probs fix that as well.

    Thanks ~
    Hmm, just found something else..
    When you have the Strygwyr's Claws item and you hit someone, the buff doesn't seem to perish and if the target walks around it will still take the damage from it.
    That's at Level 5. It stays on for 5 seconds after. And I'm pretty sure I fixed that ages ago o_O, is this recent version? That's very strange.

    Also, you can change your username here, just make a request thread in the admin contact forum
    I think I read somewhere that you have to donate at least 15 (dollars?) to get a name changed, or within the first 3 months. But rules changed, it's gone. And I don't know. I'm comfortable with having this name, and I even placed my name on last version's loading screen so people don't get mixed up :3
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