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    Some Animation Changes

    I need a Villager(male 2, the one with blue shirt)with Sylvanus animations.Also an elven Ranger(women) with no weapons. Finally i need a bow model to be an attatchment. p.s if you could put a quiver on the back of the villager male that would be cool too, credits to the modeler.
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    How to detect hero levels?!

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    Changing Hero Text Names?

    Can you make it so that when you reach a certain level your text name changes, for example a paladin reaches level 50 he turns his text to a paladude but keeps everyhtign else.
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    How to detect hero levels?!

    Is there a trigger that makes it so that when your hero reaches level 20 he gets a spell?
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    Omfg J00 R Teh Pwnzorage!!!11!11!
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    city survival

    Rad ur the master of spAM :D
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    Need dying screen effect w/ trig's

    Cinematic-Fade out and back in over 7.00 seconds using texture Black Mask and color (0%,0%,0%) with 0.00% transparency
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    Lol, nonsense... Download the latest WE Unlimited and you can make a Save/Load code in about 2-3 Minutes WEU Site: Goto features and they tell you how to make th Save/Load, its really easy its about 7 triggers long or somthing like that. :P...
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    1I= '/0I_I (4I\I I234]) 7I-I15 (0/\/\3 I-I3I23

    !|= `/0|_| \\/\3123 +3|-| |<!/\/C- )|= 1337 `/0|_| \\/\0|_|1I) /\/0 133++312!!!111!1!1!
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    Whats your Fav Rpg!

    Zelda ocarina of time
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    Some new cool gifs!

    You should make Spaceorc ones
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    I Need Triggering Help!

    Darkys save/load has many bugs and 50 letter long codes, use emergenzy's save/load.
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    new map

    how about renaming the mage leader to somthing cooler, or maybe it wotn have to be all mages, just users of magic like druids, warlocks, mages, or shamans. will it have quests?
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    The Odyssey of Ahmlaurd

    Thats great emergenzy thanks for the help ill add ur name in the loading screen, and ive eben trying to look for this in the spell section and couldnt fidn it, oh wel thanks
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    The Odyssey of Ahmlaurd

    uh i think, but i just used it for the name because it sounds cool... :?