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    Satyr Shadowdancer (Re-Classic)

    3 different Blizzard IP sources represent them in that way. That is enough proof for me, but you can do whatever you want, it is your project after all.
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    Satyr Shadowdancer (Re-Classic)

    Ye, but there is a concept art of female satyr from Legion, and they do look more feminine. Also, there are at least 2 Hearthstone cards that shows female satyrs. So you are kind of incorrect, as you are for Dwarf females. That is Tolkien lore you are speaking about.
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    Living Nerubian Campaign

    I am glad to see you expending your creativeness into campaign making!
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    Nathanos Blightcaller with axe

    Damn, I do like him. Nice blend between old and new Nathanos.
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    Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged: Exodus of the Horde

    Is whole campaign done or just parts of it?
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    Wind Viper

    You are on the roll, man!
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    Dark Iron Clan and Wildhammer Clan

    Yes, please
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    Hey, mate. Are you working on some kind of the project?

    Hey, mate. Are you working on some kind of the project?
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    Ultimate Battle v2.50

    Ye, this project really needs one "spring cleaning" update.
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    Ultimate Battle v2.50

    Happy and sad to hear that. Happy, because I was already really impressed by Riki before. If anyone is perfect to take over this project then it is him. But sad to see you gone. You gave us what every kid inside of us dreamed for. And thanks for that. Good luck!
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    Ultimate Battle v2.50

    Sorry for asking, but why is Riki answering these questions? He became part of the project? You will add his races to the mix?
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    Troll Bonecaster

    An amazing model! Really curious what else you have in store for us? I also agree that face is a bit strange.
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    Steam Faction Machines/Engines

    Sisters of Battle vibe over here!