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  • Humans, Orcs, Undead, and Night Elf. High Elf, Naga, Dwarves, and Trolls. I intend to add Nerubians and an Alien race later.

    Keep in mind, these races are COMPLETELY different from their WC3 counterparts. For instance, Night Elves are industrious conquerors. Orcs didn't come from another world. Undead isn't based around the plague.
    Is there any way to see your Nerubian tech-tree?
    I'm making Azjol-Nerub map with playable nerubian race, gonna post beta when I finish triggers :D.
    I'm scrapping the one I have in my thread, and instead I'm going to be completely rebuilding each race + 4 more and making a new world and lore for everything. (Which lore/world/story is pretty much already done and 3 races are already 90% done.)

    However I haven't actively worked on it in about a month. I'm trying to gather some experience on other fields, such as coding and race design.
    Well, the scratched helmet and armor didn't work out, but the shield is (sucky) ok, and I use the kathaar (or kaathar) image as the skin, use path: Kaathar
    Hope its okay :), Pastebin
    Got some problem with the armor, well, I'm trying to make it in scratch, and then put it to the satyr, its not yet finish
    Well if you already have the full body or mesh, then I can do the rest (maybe not the animations but not sure)
    Dunno if I can make this model, I'm not much good at humanoid models, I may need someone to create the body, the texture I will do, (or maybe the animation, but meh, I suck at that part too),
    Things are going... Like molasses. Cold molasses, in January. ; )

    Things are quite busy for me; busy at work, busy at home, and finishing up classes at college to graduate in a few weeks. But I do what I can. :< Thanks!
    Well, I working on new icons. Trying to improve but I can only do silhouette styled icons.
    Well, kodos and other beasts based on same model pretty much fall under description "huge, lumbering lizard", unlike orc grunts being quite not reptiles.

    Until you meant huge lizards being rode by smaller lizards, wich I didn't actually plan, but they obviously lack some kind of cavalry.
    Import the files and make sure the paths match how the files are in the folder.
    I was careful/mindful on what resources to include to keep it under 4mbs, and where possible I compressed and shrunk skins/textures down to more reasonable sizes.

    I also compressed the entire map file using an optimizer
    Hi wanna participate in a small Dota 2 Tournament? This tournament is for people from Hive, not needed to be in a Dota 2 Group. Current goal is 16 players. Be sure to PM me if u are interested in playing.(Need time Zone too and Steam Account)
    The tournament is single elimination till the champion is risen.

    Have a nice day, mogulkhan1Axe.
    I actually thought your name was MogulKhan so I invited the wrong person to the DotA Players group. >.<
    It's still going... In my head. I've been so swamped with other things (a new baby among them) that I haven't honestly done much aside from planning. And I won't be putting up a thread here, except maybe as a link to my Wc3C thread. But I'll definitely update that... When the time is right! Mwahaha.

    Thanks for asking about it, though; I'm glad people care. : )
    Pozdrav brate iz Srbije.
    Pa vidim da ti je Fel Ork kao avatar i profilna slika pa sam zato rekao.
    Meni omiljena rasa, oni i demoni. Pa to ti je jedno isto
    No, I usually work on 2Player Campaigns with an added extra army that fit to the lore. An example can be seen in my images.
    hej, zdravo. bas je bilo odavno od kad smo nas dvojica poslednji put razgovarali
    I'm not at all raging against you, I saw the messages, and I get that you're angry at him, and it's fine. No one is at fault here. He kinda got flustered over that, and you were insulted at his frustration..It happens..Let's just let bygones be bygones and move on..Keeping Grudges is a bad habit..
    I won't comment on the thread because it's being a nuisance to it, but frankly what I notice is that you're just overlooking our posts, we're trying to be nice and explain why we can't take every idea and you barely bother. You have a problem with Hardtime, then please, don't bother the project with it.
    The argument is over. End of story. It's nice of you to still be interested in the project, thank you for that. But, please do not get overly angry if someone doesn't do anything you say, that's just spoiled.
    We're trying to be utmost logical about the project, so we can't just whip out any request or suggestion. I'm 90% sure you won't even notice this post as you haven't noticed my previous posts either...
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