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  • XD actually I did to help people who want to make custom maps, because most people use the same models or ideas again and again (just kidding, i made them out of boring :c )
    Slowly moving forward, I've had a small break to get inspiration again, but I will finish it this or next year :)
    Sorry to say I am canceling the project for now.
    Probably be getting to it later on throughout, and trying to decide to make a different series and only have a Horde Campaign and probably a Ally one. (Not going to happen that much, because I am a Horde player. :))
    Uh. I think he was just a knight unit with a different model. I don't think he had anything interesting.
    It's not just races but factions found in Zangarmarsh. About the tech-trees I'm still currently developing each race.

    Lost Ones (Not just corrupted draenei)
    Cenarion Expedition
    Coilfang Naga
    The design concepts are as following (and not final):
    -Wind Warden: Offensive Support. A hero that supports the team by amplifying their offensive stats (eg; damage) or disabling enemy units.
    -Beastmaster: The first Shapeshifter hero! Human/Beast form offer different gameplay mechanics.
    -Templar: Unmatched single-target assassin. Also controls illusions and gains various bonuses while they are active. Mana will play in a little differently for that one.

    These are the concepts I've had for months. All hero skills are designed, it all just needs to be incorporated ingame. Recently I started to get some new ideas and weather these heroes will make it into the game depends on which ideas are better.
    Well weren't you referring to the ones that are "Coming Soon!" ingame? They are the initially planned ones.
    Hey. Well, I am currently in an exam session and I am really busy with real life stuff. Eventually I will get to work on the new heroes for sure. I just need some time. Also, I might go for different heroes than the ones I initially planned. Time will tell. And, umm. I probably won't use Durotan model, since the Spirit Champion is too visually similar to him.
    Nothing much. Things are slowing down as I begin university in a few weeks. Man how the time flies.
    Currently on hiatus but Im on the eighth chapter. Just been really busy because my high school life is slowly gonna transition into that of college. Just be patient.
    I'm sorry, but I'm not spending much time on that anymore.
    I might release more later, but I'm working on other things right now. I'm working on an improved RPG story with a lot of thoughts, plots and characters. But that's not going to be in any game or atleast not Warcraft III. I'm hoping for a Warcraft IV within the next couple of years.

    I'm also working on an other map within Warcraft III right now called Warcast. It's a strategic game I'm currently putting my focus on.

    I decided to not continue the Oakwood stuff because I grew old of it, and the things I want to have in an ORPG like Oakwood, are becoming impossible to implement in a map. It's getting so big that when playing the map with more than 1 player, you're already on the limits of FPS.
    Hey, thanks for the interest in my work!

    I've been putting together a multi-race mod for my own amusement, starting from the Nirvana framework on moddb that allows any number of new races to be played against each other on any melee map. I wanted to put Goblins in as a full-fledged race, but needed some new goblin buildings over what I could find in the Hive

    e.g. Here is my Ice Troll race (they bring their own snow) :

    Since I'm unlikely to ever finish/release my multi-race mod (too much plagiarism, unauthorised changes to other people's work, and bad modelling practice as I'm just doing it for fun), I felt I should share something back and put up my goblin buildings for everyone else to use.
    Well nothing new for me. As I said, I do optimize my maps, there is just too much stuff that's the reason why the size is so big.
    You mean optimize? I optimize all my maps, it also works as anti-theft protection.
    I can't judge people. After all this is not their job, they do it free willingly and because of good heart. It doesn't have to be 100% of the time just laziness, I understand their problems, we are not living just in the virtual world. It's easy to say that somebody does nothing while you're not in his skin.

    I currently require at least 8 new models and some skilled modeler/s with imagination to make them. HerrDave is giving me a hand with it right now, Misha also contributed with his one model, then we have MatiS who promised me some cool building models and PROXY who multiple times said that the model will be done soon. All other modelers listed in our team are currently innactive.
    Don't worry about the control panel. Proxy told me that he's also busy and those other people you are reffering to in 80% of time do nothing and promise everything.
    I am finishing up terrain right now and my modelers are working on those new units, but the progress is slow and half my team is busy, leaving me pretty much alone.

    Wa666r already did a great job with those basic heroes, It pains me to say that we need to revamp them again. Sure I can swapy swapy some abilities here and there, but I still need many new spells to be made.

    I should have some playable preview-version of BETA ready by tomorrow, though dont expect miracles it wont feature majority of new stuff, just the terrain.
    1. I don't like flamethrowers in fantasy universe. If you noticed no orcs use guns and flamethower is technicaly a gun.

    2. Dire orc is good, but we have another clan called "Direfury", it would be weird if their enemies used "Dire Orc" against them.¨

    3. Vampires, meh. Dreafire clan goes for dark magic, demon stuff and fire. I like the idea with boost at night, but kinda doesnt suit for clan of necromancers.

    4. Transformation into a wolf is illogical. I would rather make them summon a wolf to fight by their side.

    I like the idea for passive ability for Stormhowl grunts. Bonus depending on the "pack" size. I will add this 100%
    Hero & unit names are not permanent, it's just something what helps us see our goal. I see you have many ideas for units. As I said many times in the past all suggestions and ideas are welcomed here, so feel free to throw something at me from time to time.
    They are formation units unique for Skullcrush Clan. Wouldn't say elite, but main part of their army.
    Yeah, the terrain is done as Stryder mentioned, otherwise gathering all our modeling strength to create masterpiece race units and buildings. You can find some of them on my profile page, but I'll post them soon in War of the Clans thread.
    And why to do that? He is supposed to be support character, not anti-mage chracter, so it doesn't fits him.
    I don't really understand what is a support unit. Could you tell me ?
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