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  • There are plenty of tutorials in tutorial section, however its hard.
    Its great to see such a fan of the project, hwever it would take you much time to become a modeller.
    No date is set yet, however I expect it to be done in summer. Procentage... 8%. We need modellers.
    I've updated it to v1.6a, and this one is cleansed of the name bug and is different. If you open it in WE, you will see the Legion's techtree I've come up with so far.

    Step 1. Find the Customize Profile button located somewhere on your members page and click on it.
    Step 2. Once clicked, it will lead to a new page. On the left of it there is a list to customize your profile. On this list there are Edit Profile, Edit Avatar, Edit Signature buttons.
    Step 3. Find the button that says Edit Avatar and click it.
    Step 4. Upload image.
    Step 5. Done!
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