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    Looking for avatar/sig maker

    Ty heffer, its pretty simple. I just need a Avatar that has a Nice pic of a kodo on it. Perferable world of warcraft kodo, and have " Kodo Masters " going under the Kodo
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    Looking for avatar/sig maker

    Hey guys im back, havent been on thsi site for who knows how long. But anyways i am in need of a avatar and sig. if u are up to it pm me or post on this and ill give u details....
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    Leader Bored Help

    Would somone help me create a leader bored, and for every unit killed by the player it will add the Number to the bored. Ive played with it but, i dunno. THanks ahead of time.
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    Project Pheonix.

    Sure, ill gladly help yah =] just pm me with more info concerning with the map.
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    Loss of the Dragonkind

    I'll gladly help u with a few things. Just gimme a Pm and we can talk
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    fav type of video game

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    Pokemon Milkshake song

    pokemon is way lame but the song owns.
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    Your fav Family Guy

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    WEU Protection by map name i cant play it!

    now u know, dont be a retard and protect maps. and make a backup file. =]
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    Favorite Moderator

    Sopho,Darkshadow,Vexorian. I like sopho/darkshadow becuase they take time outa there day to help people in need. vexorian because of his gosu spells =]
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    My Band's Single

    wow thats pretty good!! even though i cant understand it =( hope u guys come with a english version =/ if u do ill buy one!
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    Lunar Rog

    Edit: the title is wrong its Lunar Rpg!! Im thinking of making my favorite rpg into a wc3 map. Im decent at trigger/terrain/units/spells etc. I am looking for people who will be able to help me, with anything. Ive got the story line and everything for i have the games lol. If u have any...
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    looks very good but like saikann said its very dark and monotone
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    Bush Vs Kerry

    Yea ill prob get flamed. but in the little clip all kerry has to show is the medles and that he was in war
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    Favorite Tv show / Anime / Movie

    Futurama Nuff said