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Last Activity:
Oct 23, 2019 at 7:54 PM
Jun 9, 2008

Awarded Medals 2

June 1



Misha was last seen:
Oct 23, 2019 at 7:54 PM
    1. Korialstrasz
      Thorasoh'Caph! Happy birthday to you sir! Have an amazing day
    2. Sin'dorei300
      Happy Birthday, Misha! :)
    3. Strydhaizer
      Yo misha, i love your dragons very much i think the ribbons and particles make it so weird and shit, now i want to hear you voice if you will allow me to edit the model for personal taste, i just want to remove the particles and the ribbons on both wings. :))
    4. WhiteFang
    5. Grey Knight
      Grey Knight
      I mean your Mr Scary model Look Same of Skull Reaper
      on Sword art online
    6. Argos
      Actually I did. Quality suffers a bit though.

      Thanks for help dude, I appreciate it more than you think.
    7. Grey Knight
      Grey Knight
      Hey Misha I know your Model Look Like (Your Mr Scary Model) A Skull Reaper on Sword Art Online
      its Look Same if he Had Many Legs and Bone Texture XD
    8. Argos
      Pretty much it depends on you. You can keep grunt one if nothing interesting comes to your mind.

      Honestly I didnt thought that it would take that much time making just one unit. At first it seemed as such a small edit. I need around 5 more unit models for my beta map and this progress is really scary.
    9. WhiteFang
      Hey,can i ask you a question?Wait,that was a question..
      Anyway,what tools and/or software do you recommend for someone that wants to start moddeling?
    10. Argos
      How's it going?
    11. Grey Knight
      Grey Knight
      Don't worry about that Red Color
      Japanese have many arc Like that
      Stone Arc,Wood Arc and ???
    12. MasterHaosis
    13. Korialstrasz
      He didn't tell me about it If he did lol
    14. Korialstrasz
      Thank you. The only thing that may replace this, may be if Heinvers really does me an Avatar :p
    15. Grey Knight
      Grey Knight
      As you said the Arc is not Stolen I make that and the Naraku Possible I use other model
      for his Pelvis to look like Naraku and the Arc I use Ingame texture
      I remove his Old Geoset with a 14kb and I use Tempart.mdx Geoset
      to Reduce his Filesize ;)
      and I use mdlvis to remove some Bone of that you know those Collapsing
      animation and Change into Seal Paper

      Just Link it:http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/pastebin.php?id=iq7es8
    16. Korialstrasz
      All hail Queen Alexstrasza!
    17. Argos
      Just try to make the hair tail a bit bigger. Otherwise I think it should be alright if you fix his proportions.
    18. Argos
      Legs look kinda slimmy and too long, orcs usually have muscular short legs. Yeah and I really like the alterations you made with the boots. Maybe a bit bigger illidan's hair tail?
    19. Argos
      Well I didn't but the head could surely be a little bit bigger. Can u show me a new pic, pleeese?
    20. Grey Knight
      Grey Knight
      Yes I ask Permission to Inuyasha model
      and I give him a Credit for his Five Model


      I going to Change the Anime arc into Ingame Texture
      Right Now and then I upload to Hive:ogre_haosis:
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    June 1
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    A modeler


    [19-49-30] Misha: lol.. okay, whack me, but i again forgot how many frames make one second of animation in milkshape
    [19-49-50] Rao Dao Zao: 1440
    [19-50-08] Misha: lol that's a minute, i asked for a second
    [19-50-28] Rao Dao Zao: 24
    [19-50-38] Rao Dao Zao: That's what you get for asking the same question too many times.
    [19-50-41] Rao Dao Zao: Stock responses. :p
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